Wyola principal adopted into Crow Tribe with the name ‘Good Leader’
Thursday, October 4, 2018
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Photo by Gary Rood

Wyola Principal and Superintendent Christy Wright hugs a fellow Wyola resident on Friday after she was adopted into the Crow Tribe. Her given name translates to be “Good Leader.”

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Photo by Gary Rood

Burdick Two Leggins, Noel Two Leggins and Leandro Old Coyote parade through the Town of Wyola Friday during last week’s Native Days festivities. Events for the day also included a powwow and buffalo feed.

To cap off Wyola Public School’s Native Days celebration on Friday, the school held multiple events for its students including a parade, powwow and buffalo feed. Students designed posters on both historic and current figures through which to educate their fellow classmates, and workshops were held for dancing, and arts and crafts.

The powwow’s final event was the unannounced adoption of Wyola Principal and Superintendent Christy Wright into the Crow Tribe. Her given name translates to be “Good Leader.”

Supplying the feed was buffalo meat from a hunt two weeks prior. The hunt originally started out with multiple staff members and even two school board members in attendance. However, many students and parents also showed up to watch the hunt.

The buffalo was butchered on-site and nearly all of it was taken in use for some purpose, leaving only a small section of spine and a few scraps, Wright said. A nearby coyote, she continued, was severely disappointed.

Larry Blacksmith, who works in the school’s finance office, helped to butcher and recover certain pieces, such as tripe, from the buffalo. Wright stated that she wished to make the hunt a more traditional experience next year and even involve some of the students. While the experience was familiar to some, others such as Wright herself were new to the event, and found it to be a fun and exciting experience. She did, however, comment on the smell, saying that it was worse than that of a deer.

Blacksmith wasn’t bothered, he said, as he had assisted in similar buffalo hunts for Crow Agency’s Little Big Horn College in the past. Wright and her husband Richard participated in the hunt, although they are non-tribal. Wright said they did do everything legally and followed the appropriate channels with the Crow Tribe in order to accomplish the hunt.