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Warriors’ defense tested at state

Thursday, March 14, 2019
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Photo by Andrew Turck

Kevion Ladson of Plenty Coups’ Warrior basketball team shoots a pass to teammate Zephaniah Monroy (far right) last Thursday during a matchup in Billings with Chinook’s Sugarbeeters at Class C state. Despite their efforts, the Warriors were knocked out of the tournament following losses to the Sugarbeeters and Scobey Spartans.

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Photo by Andrew Turck

Plenty Coups player Keelan Dillon sizes up the Chinook offense during their Class C state matchup.

The Plenty Coups High School Warriors promised they would get to state and they would do some damage even if they didn’t win, Head Coach Garren Miles said.

The Warriors went up against the Chinook Sugarbeeters and the Scobey Spartans last week at MetraPark arena in Billings. They lost both games, but learned a lot in the process.

“One of the main things we need to work on during the off-season is boxing out on rebounds,” Miles said.

Miles, in his first season coaching the Warriors, said that it’s been about two years since the last time the boys’ team went to state.

With eight seniors on his “mature” team, Miles said the Warriors gave it their all this season, even going so far as to promise their coach they would make an appearance at the state tournament and leave an impression.

The team faced the Chinook Sugarbeeters last Thursday. According to Miles, the lines to get into the game were very long and that some fans didn’t even enter the gym until the fourth quarter.

The Sugarbeeters won after securing a good lead early in the game, holding off the Warriors for a 51-67 loss. Miles said the Warriors relied mainly on their defense, which has worked well for them until these games.

On Friday, the Warriors finally worked up a 3-point lead against the Scobey Spartans in the beginning of the second half, but it did not last long. The Spartans’ athleticism and their playing style led to a Warriors loss in the 61-74 game.

Both teams Plenty Coups played were very athletic and found ways through the Warrior defense. Miles said during last Thursday’s game the Warriors tried to push up their tempo, but it wasn’t enough.

Accoding to Miles, his team will be back next year to try again. Meanwhile, he and Assistant Coach Archie Flatlip will be hosting summer workouts and other off-season training opportunities.


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