Violet Enick

Thursday, October 29, 2020
Violet Enick

Violet StopsAtPrettyPlaces Enick, 79, turned in her Armor of God for her Crown of Jewels in Heaven on October 12, 2020.

She was born to Fannie OtherBlackBird and Clark Stops on August 1,1941 in Lodge Grass, Montana. As a very young girl she was raised by Hartford and Janie and from them they taught her the prayer life and caregiving ways she very much so carried on. Then at the early age of 18 in January 1960 she gave her heart to her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Her wish growing up was to be a Lady Missionary and that she did. She traveled on foot around Lodge Grass and neighboring towns catching rides just to be in Church meetings anywhere and everywhere just to be in the presence of the Lord. Along her travels near and far to church meetings and gatherings Violet crossed paths with Harold G. Enick.

On February 25,1961, they were united in marriage. The story of their union was always such a great one she shared with her family and many others. Momma Violet and Daddy Harold's wedding day was more than joining of the two; it was the beginning of a ministry that God had already started individually in each of them. From this union they had eight amazing, wonderful children John (RutaLee), Francis, Nathan (Veronica), Lewis (Royann), "Faye" Violet Faith Enick, Eunice (Al "Champ")Takes The Horse and Mary (Raven) Red Star Price. One child, Gloria Rose Enick, earned her Heavenly crown as a baby. Violet was blessed with 33 grandchildren and 63 great-grandchildren.

Along the way Violet and Harold took in and adopted many who they loved and treated as their very own. Bunny (Erich) Longie and Nadine 'Viola' BirdHat, had been among the earliest adopted children are known well-known as sisters to the Enick siblings.

Affectionately known as Momma Violet or Momma Enick, mom was a spiritual and godly mother for many. Her family shared her with everyone, as she was a natural caregiver in any way she was needed. She was always there beside the ones who needed prayers for guidance or a word of encouragement. She always answered her phone and messages and sent texts out forwarding her words of wisdom. Momma Violet was a pillar and a rock many depended on, and looked to for help, whether it be her children, grandkids, brothers, sisters natural or spiritual.

Churches near and far reached out to her for her preaching of the Word and prayers that reached the throne of God. She talked often with her loved ones of the miracles she's witnessed over her many years and she'd get so excited sharing them with tears or smiles and arms raised like it was happening right as she told the stories. She very much loved sharing scriptures from the Bible with all and could always be found studying the word of God any time of the day no matter where she was.

Her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren brought her much joy and livelihood. She was so proud of them all and gave them all her affections whenever she saw any of them. She enjoyed being a busy body always cleaning and washing dishes no matter whose home she was in she loved being a blessing in all ways.

Violet worked at Crow Head Start for over 20 years after the family settled in Crow. She worked with many but all those years alongside her best friend Rachel before she retired.

Violet and Harold evangelized to many of the western states and on into parts of Canada throughout their married life together. They lived and pastored in many of those areas as well.

Alongside the children Violet is survived by her siblings who she loved dearly and will miss her are sisters, Kathryn Old Crow, Pamela Little Light, Martha (Richard) King, Sharon (Jerry Kenyon) Rides Horse, and Sheila and Leita Rides Horse; brothers, Melvin Stops, and Sammy (Cecilia), Gary Sr. and Golden Eagle Rides Horse. She has a large number of adopted children, nieces, nephews and grands and as a sister in Christ and a very large extended families.