Uttekaat Birdinground

Thursday, July 18, 2019
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Uttekaat-Isiah Jade Birdinground passed to the other side camp in the early morning of July 13, 2019.

His grandmother, Iva Half Shane, gave his Indian name Uttekaat to him. His namesake is his greatgreat grandfather, Robert Half Sr., Uttechia, or “White Weasel.” His nickname, “Ice Chips,” was given to him by his auntie Lawryn Flat Lip.

He was born in Billings to Alex and Gina Birdinground-Reed on July 21, 2000. The late Isaac and Mary Jane Birdinground Sr. adopted him. Uttekaat was a member of the Piegan clan and child of the Ties the Bundle clan. He received his early education at Crow, Pablo, Missoula and graduated Hardin Middle School. He attended high school at Hardin, Plenty Coups and Lodge Grass. He was currently working on getting his high school equivalency. He worked in Butte and Missoula, Montana.

While growing up he enjoyed playing sports, such as basketball, football, skate boarding, lacrosse and was a BMX rider.

He enjoyed outdoor activities, such as hunting and fishing. He always went out hunting with Hayden, Ivan and Rueben Yellowtail. He was a well-known rapper and had many fans that enjoyed his music. He had a special connection with Dvera Tolbert. He was a member of “The Sailor Squad” and was known as “UtteGlock”.

He was a member of the Catholic Church, Native American Church and attended the sweat lodge. In the Crow tradition, he made friends with Cody Ware. His Godmother was Aldora Bigman. Uttekaat’s pride and joy was his son Isiah Jade Birdinground and his fiancé Lexi Teton.

He is preceded in death by his parents Isaac and Mary Jane Birdinground Sr.; grandparents Sam and Thelma Birdinground Jr., Irene Reed, Robert Half Sr., Lorena Mae Morning, Baby Marie, Brenda, Ruby Half, Danny, Jasper, Robert, Frank, Ettings Half and Arnold Coyote Runs Sr.; uncles Joey Half, Rocko Broken Rope, Scott D. Russell and Jarred Amyotte; and aunt Sethelee Little Owl.

Survivors include his son Isiah Jade Birdinground; his fiancé Lexi Teton; his parents, Alex and Gina Birdinground-Reed; his siblings, Hayden (Sky) Yellowtail, Laci, Lily, Cassius and Lainy, Eric (Casey) Birdinground, Isaac Birdinground Jr. and Lawryn Flat Lip; his grandparents, Carlotta Half, Iva (Rudolph) Shane, Greg (Dorcella) Half, Jennifer (Lawrence) Flat Lip Jr., Janet Costa, Calvin (Alpha) Birdinground, Sampson (Eva) Birdinground, Shonna (Verdell) Collins, Dr. Nicole Lange, Ceclia (Morris) Big Lake, Gale (Mary) and Clarence (Jocelyn) Three Irons, Ricki (Ann) and Eugene ( Lydia) Birdinground, Tina Pretty On Top, Corliss (Clinton) Iron, Donna Jefferson, Sandy Medicine Horse, Clarice Denny, Loretta Three Irons, Michelle (Johnny) Wilson, Nicole Cadena, Roberta Spotted Horse, Alfredine Takes Enemy, Annie, Janice and Mary (Tom Wartenslaben) Snell, Beverly (Ron) Grambling, Jackie (Alfred) Morsette Jr., Sandra (Myron) Shields, Sharon (Roger) Roehl, Aretha Hoops, Kenny Ward, Paul and Curtis Morning, John Bullinsight III, Donovan Bullinsight, Jerome (Kathy) Dancing Bull, Henry (Alfreda) Reed, Royce Jackson, Zig Jackson, Dave (Ruby) Peterson, Edith (George) Reed, Carol (John) Bullinsight, Clifford (Ardith) Birdinground, Blaine Falls Down, Laura Real Bird, Ernestine Birdinground, Willie Plainfeather and Tim (Ella) Plainfeather; aunts and uncles, Victor Sr., Garret Sr. and Ralph Costa, Lisa (Tody) Left Hand, Ezekiel Coyote Runs, Arnold Coyote Runs Jr., Karen (Dana) Goes Ahead, Christopher (Yolanda), Matthew (Amanda) and Scott (Sloan) Flat Lip, Calvin Dale (Blossom) Birdinground, Corey (Faith) and John Ladson, Allison Birdinground, Nancy and Charla Half, Danette (Chris) Horn, Annie (George) Couture, Rena House, Jennifer (Robert) He Does It, Rudolph Shane Jr., Jasper (Remi) Wade Half, Rebecca, Crawford, Roberta and Candace (John Small) Birdinground, Jeremy and Jaralynn Half, Monte (Brianna) Half Rides the Bear, Joni, Jess (Mary), Jasper Jr., Fantasia, Cameron and Nicole Half, Anita (Chad) Little Head, Clint and Rena Half, Ivy Birdinground, Tawny (Tony) Reed, Stacy (Pat) Alden, Recina, Etting Jr. and Precina Half, Coe Cash (Carmel) Half, Tawny Half, Dalaney (Bryndon) Rogers, Abram and Sabrina Half, Charelle (Glenn) Birdinground, Zac (Marsha) Wilson, Tate and Tyler Wilson, and June and Heather Iron.

Our extended families include the Birdinground, Other Medicine, Shane, Old Elk, Half, Takes Gun, Long Tail, Fog in the Morning, Snell, Good Luck, Black Hawk, Bull Tail, Dancing Bull, Jackson, Meyers, Stevenson, Sylvester, Hawks, Hoops on the Forehead, Whitemanrunshim, Hunts Arrow, House, Bear Crane, Round Face, Smart Enemy, Rides Horse, Not Afraid, Bull Chief, Denny, Stump, Old Coyote, Old Crow, Old Horn, Standing Rock, Pretty Paint, Moccasin, Falls Down, Big Man, Wallace, Small, Real Bird, Madill, Walker, Morrison, Walks, He Does It, Little Owl, Howe, Alden and Black Eagle families.

Our family is large. If we have missed you, please accept our apology in our time of grief.

Funeral mass was celebrated Tuesday, July 16 at St. Dennis Catholic Church Crow Agency. Interment followed at the Garryowen cemetery.

Bullis Mortuary was entrusted with the arrangements.


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