Ups and downs of online taxes

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Thursday, February 21, 2019
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I used to hear the saying occasionally, “Nothing is so sure on this earth as death and taxes.” Once again, income tax season is upon us.

In the past, one could get all the forms and instruction booklets needed to figure and then file your income taxes right here at the Big Horn County Library. Times have changed, however, and needless to say, so has the way the Internal Revenue Service wants your taxes filed.

I’m told the government would like to move us all more and more toward paperless filing of our income taxes. That means doing them online. True, it is quite convenient in so much as you can sit at your desk in your home and on your computer do everything needed to file, and never have to step out the door. At least, in theory, that’s how it would work.

It presents a bit of a problem for those with no computer or without the skills necessary to file by oneself online. For that reason, you can still file through the mail the “old fashioned” way, but to do that you need the necessary forms.

We at the Big Horn County Library can still download forms and print them off for you. We do not, however, have any instruction booklets and cannot print those out as the cost to the library would be simply prohibitive. While we can print the forms out for you, we cannot advise you on which forms you need. That has to come from a tax professional and none of us fit that bill, so when you come in to ask for forms, you will need to know ahead of time which ones you are in need of.

The instruction booklets are available for viewing online through the IRS website and you can do that at the patron computers in the Big Horn County Library. Should you want to file your taxes using the patron computers, you can also do that, but again, none of the employees at the library are allowed to help you file your taxes. Should you need help, you will have to bring someone in with you that can provide that help.

Please also be aware there have been changes made this year to filing your taxes.