Tionna Rowland

Thursday, May 23, 2019
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Our precious daughter, sister, aunt, and granddaughter Tionna Rowland was taken from us on May 11, 2019, in Billings.

She was born Sept. 19, 2003, to Carimie Iron and Wamblee Rowland. She was given her Cheyenne name, Hotopeheeva’e (Buffalo Robe Woman), by her great-grandmother, Annie Seminole Brady. She recently received another Cheyenne name by her great-grandmother, Bertha Freeman. She was proud to be a direct descendant of Crow Chief Pretty Eagle and Northern Cheyenne Chief Dull Knife.

Tionna attended various elementary schools in Billings. She was very loving to all her peers and helped tutor them with schoolwork. She played basketball and wanted to play football. She was a long boarder and loved to ride bogey boards. She loved going to the YMCA with her mom and brothers where she enjoyed swimming. She loved animals and wanted to pursue a career as a veterinarian in Atlanta. She planned to volunteer at an animal shelter. She loved to snapchat on her phone, liked to rap and hang with her brothers, Johnny and Georgie Harjo. Tionna had an outgoing personality and always had a smile on her face. She was known for her “fierce” hugs. She loved going to church, especially revival meetings.

Tionna is survived by her father, Wamblee (Allyn Hogan) Rowland; her mother, Carimie Iron; maternal grandparents, Valerie and Alberta Iron, Faron (Rose), Clinton (Corlis) Iron, Tina (Conrad) Alden, McKinley (Valeria) Iron, Robert Doyle Jr., Everette Tallwhiteman, Sherrie Doyle, Melissa Tallwhiteman, Cheryl (Tom) White Clay, Mary (Lane) Simpson, Christine (Dale) Good Luck, Sharon Stewart-Peregoy, Alvin Stewart, Sharon (Latonna) Curly, Colleen Caplett, Virginette Howe, Leita Rides the Horse, Mickie Whiteman, Deanna Dreamer, Penny Bad Bear, Louise Real Bird, Maria (Preston) Onion, Carmen LaForge, Steve White Hip Jr. Calvin Leider, Cyrus (Annie) Leider, Ervin (Carla) Jefferson and Haroldine Moss; paternal grandparents, Victoria Seminole and Mike Bearcomesout; paternal great-grandmothers, Bertha Freeman, Mercedes Tallwhiteman, Diana (Robert) McClean, Christine (Aljo) Strange Owl, Linda Freeman, Priscilla Robinson, Priscilla Freeman, Delores Morgan and Doris Hill; her brothers, Desmond Rowland, Elias Monteau, Champ Rowland, Treyshawn Harris, Ethan Timlin and Easah Taksh, Nathan and Andre Doyle, Blase Moss, Archie Jr. and Uriah Flat Lip; her sisters Anisha-Eunique Howe, Dyani and Airionna Rowland, Mireja Monteau, Arabella Taksh, and Seqquoia Beadree and Chezirae, Lois and Serena Flat Lip; her paternal aunts, LaJuanna (Lafe) Haugan, Darcy Rowland, Andrea Demaray, Priscilla Robinson, Letha, Elouise and Justine Whitewolf; her paternal uncles, Johnny Ray and Raylin Rowland, Isadar Whitewolf and Reno Seminole; her maternal aunts, Candace (Cixx) Taksh, Kayleen, Sissy, Robin, Caroline (Jordan) Littlewhirlwind, Catlin (John) LaFrance, Lynn, Heather Iron, June (Lesley) Hogan, LeTonne (Alvin) Yarlott Jr, Darrena Dreamer, Nicole Rogers, Jashawn Eagleman, Raylee Pretty Weasel, Shanya Michelle, Mary (Dwayne) White and Kristin (Daniel) Iron Road, Nina (Helmeg) Hill; her maternal uncles, Patrick Doyle III and Aaron Fighter Jr., Archie Flat Lip, Jeremy, CJ, Quin, Zachary, Gabriel, Daniel, Curtis (Nina), Clinton (Clarinda) Iron Jr., Curtis (Jill) Alden, Nathan (Allison) Young Swallow, Frank and Michael Peltzer, Emerson (Kristine) Other Medicine, Shandon Tallwhiteman; paternal great-uncles, Rueben Beartusk, Daniel and Derek Big Man; her paternal greataunt, Melissa Tallwhiteman.

She is preceded in death by aunts, Chasity Doyle and Ashley Doyle Old Elk, Annie Costa Lucky; sister, Aaliyah Taksh; brother, Sincerely Shoulderblade; uncles, Andre Fighter and Albert Iron; grandfathers, Eugene Rowland III, Patrick Doyle Sr., Harold Jefferson and Bernard Littlehead; great-grandmothers, Nathelle (Lester) Jefferson, Alvina Stewart, Iola Medicine Horse, Sylvia Moss, Doreen Old Elk and Evalee Foote; great-grandfathers, Calvin, Ralph Iron Sr. and McKinley Iron Sr.; and her best friend, Mitchell Chandler Jr.

Extended Crow family includes the Iron, Doyle, Blanket Bull, Yarlott, Crooked Arm, Stewart, Big Hair, Holds, Birdinground, Old Elk, Bullinsight, Covers Up, Don’t Mix, Red Star, Springfield, Sings Good, Bull Shows, Jefferson, Leider, Eastman, Big Lake, Laforge, Lion Shows, Bell Rock, Beaumont, Hogan, Moccasin, Shane and Hill. Her extended Cheyenne family includes the Seminole, Rowland, Sooktis, Small, Pretty Boy, Crazy Mule, Beartusk, Littlehead, Whitewolf, Tallwhiteman, Yellow Eyes, James, Bordeaux, Foote and Haugen.

If we have forgotten you in our time of grief, please forgive us.

Wake was held Wednesday, May 15, at the House of Hope in Hardin, Montana. Funeral services were held Thursday, May 16, at the Bullis Funeral Chapel in Hardin. Burial followed in the Lodge Grass cemetery in Lodge Grass, Montana. Bullis Mortuary was entrusted with the arrangements.