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Basketball teams go head-to-head in High School League
Gary Rood / Big Horn County News
Thursday, July 5, 2018
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Photo by Andrew Turck

Warriors player Andrew House goes for the shot last Wednesday evening during High School League competition at the Crow Multipurpose Building. Boys’ teams in the league are named using NBA titles and girls’ teams with WNBA titles.

Crow Agency’s Multipurpose Building was filled with the sounds of pop music and bouncing basketballs last Wednesday as teams from the High School League competed against one another to gain the top placement in their brackets.

Theodore “TR” Littlelight of Crow Agency set up the league – which contains 12 boys’ and 12 girls’ teams – using players from locations including the Crow Reservation, Hardin, Billings and the Tongue River area. Each team is named using professional monikers – NBA titles for the boys and WNBA titles for the girls.

Both female and male teams both play two games per week that culminate in a large tournament at the end of the season on Aug. 8, a week before most schools start. The focus of the league is to have “kids stay active and play ball during the off-season,” Littlelight said.

The league started in May and, so far, the teams all have played 12 games. Team play is scheduled on Sundays, Mondays, Tuesday and Wednesdays with two games for the girls and two for the boys. While the referees are paid, Littlelight said, he is not.

According to Littlelight, who previously hosted the league in 2014, he does it for the kids. In addition, he expressed appreciation for the parents who come and watch, as “they are helping me out” through entry fees.

Stephen Matt and Stoney Elkshoulder, a sophomore and senior respectively at Lodge Grass High School, joined the league this year. Both are playing for the Bulls and agree they have been learning brotherhood and teamwork over the past month or so.

Other teams including the Warriors, Clippers, Knicks and more are making their names in the league, such as when the Knicks defeated the Suns 43-37 while down two players most of the game. Kidd Little Light of the Knicks, who has been with the league for a number of years, said that even though the Knicks won he felt he played “terribly” and needs to work on his defense at the High School League.

“Ball is life and God is great,” he said.

More information in the league, its games and teams can be found on its Facebook page at “High School League” or by contacting Littlelight.


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