Student-athletes should stay active and optimistic

Dana Wilson
Thursday, April 2, 2020

Across the nation the coronavirus has wreaked havoc on everything. People are social distancing, casinos are closed, restaurants and bars are carry-out only.

Locally, we have all felt the effects, including local high school athletes, who are most likely going to miss out on the entire spring sports season.

Lodge Grass track coach Jerry Harris isn’t very optimistic.

“It doesn’t look too good, looks like the school closure got extended, we had a couple practices before the school shut down and I encouraged the kids to workout on their own just in case,” Harris said. “I feel bad for all the kids, but especially for the seniors. Shucks, it’s sad for the seniors, it doesn’t look like anyone’s gonna have a track season at all.”

Harris does agree with the closures and mandate by Gov. Steve Bullock.

“Yeah, we need to do our part to stop or curb the virus, it’s a bad deal,” he said.

If the season does continue after April 13 there are still a few track meets on the schedule.

“We have the top 10 meet (Midland Roundtable) that showcases the 10 ten athletes per event regardless of school size within a 100 mile radius of Billings, we have the district meet the following weekend.” he said.

If students are feeling optimistic they should be engaged in exercise that respects social distancing protocols and stay at home orders.

“Go run, jog, ride horses, go fishing, go play golf, just do something, keep physically active.” Harris said.

Hardin’s Track Coach Cindy Farmer had similar advice.

“Stay in shape by running, body weight lifting, using your own body weight to provide resistance against gravity and core workouts,” she said.