State nutritionist offers tips for safe food handling

Thursday, March 21, 2019
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The following are guidelines for the food safety of home-delivered meals from state nutritionist Minkie Medora and are passed on by the Hardin and Lodge Grass Senior Centers to our clients.

These guidelines are designed to keep your food from spoiling, especially if you are not eating it as soon as it is delivered. Your health is important to us, and we want to be sure your food is handled safely.

First, we strongly suggest that the meal is eaten as soon as possible, within 15 minutes after it is delivered. If the food will not be eaten right away, put a date on all the food and put in the refrigerator immediately; do this for hot and cold food. We date all items for delivery each day at the Hardin Senior Center.

Food should not be left at room temperature, as it will become unsafe very quickly. If you are not able to finish your meal, cover and refrigerate the remaining food right away. The saved meal or any food that you could not finish should not be kept more than two days – 48 hours after delivery – in the refrigerator. Discard refrigerated food after two days.

If you think you will not be able to eat the food within two days, wrap all it and put it in the freezer. Label the item you are going to freeze don’t forget the date. When you are ready to take food out of the freezer, follow the basic guidelines for re-heating the food: Place frozen food in the refrigerator until partially thawed. Heat the food in an oven or microwave to at least 165 degrees before serving. If the food is not eaten after freezing and re-heating, it must be discarded.

Also, please remember, food will not be left for you if no one is home.

This month’s chili and cinnamon roll day is Tuesday, March 26. Please make reservations early by calling us at 665-2581.

Esther Wynne from the Big Horn County Health Department will be at the Hardin Senior Center to conduct a blood pressure checks on March 27 at 11:30 a.m. Fun For You Day, sponsored by Little Horn State Bank with hostess Shirley Margheim on March 27 from 12:45 to 3:15 p.m. Come have fun and enjoy the day with friends.

Your participation is appreciated at our senior centers in Hardin and Lodge Grass. In Hardin, we are open Monday through Friday the phone number is 665-2581.

The Lodge Grass Senior Center is open on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and the phone number is 639- 2265.

Hardin Senior Center MENU

March 21 - french toast, sausage, fruit

March 22 - beef and cabbage bake, vegetable, salad, dessert

March 25 - chicken burger w/bacon, fries, coleslaw, dessert

March 26 - chili, cinnamon rolls, cornbread

March 27 - meat loaf, potatoes, salad, vegetables dessert

March 28 - baked potato w/broccoli and cheese, vegetables, dessert

Lodge Grass Senior Center MENU

March 22 - ham and potato soup, chicken salad, fruit, cottage cheese, peanut butter cookie

March 25 - chicken bacon ranch sandwich, fries, corn, fruit salad, blueberry cheese cake

March 27 - pizza, salad, breadsticks, applesauce, fruit cocktail, cake