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Service with a smile

Roan retires after nearly 30 years of federal service
Thursday, November 7, 2019
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Photo by Rusty LaFrance

Charles “Chuck “ Roan

Friends, family, and co-workers gathered at Bud’s Catering on Friday night to celebrate the retirement of Charles “Chuck” Roan, former postal clerk at the Hardin Post Office.

Roan, who is also a U.S. military veteran, has served a combined total of almost 30 years of federal service.

Entering the Postal Service in 1998, Roan has worked at the post office for 21 years and seven months.

Craig Hazen, postmaster of the Hardin Post Office, spoke of Roan’s dedication to his duty.

“Whoever comes in after his retirement definitely has very big shoes to fill,” Hazen laughed.

Hazen commended Roan for his efforts, often coming to work when he was ill, covering shifts for others who were sick or hurt, and even canceling a couple vacations just to make sure the post office was never out of sorts, always with a smile on his face and an unmatched eager-to-please attitude.

Roan says that he is looking forward to retirement and enjoying the free time.

“I just (rertired) because I was eligible,” Roan joked. “But we’ll see what my wife has for me to do.”

Described as someone who always has a smile on his face, his interaction with the community as they came into the postal office for deliveries, inquiries, or to send a package off, Roan is often remembered giving candy to children and carrying heavy packages to the car for the elderly, Roan could very well be the definition of “customer service.”

Ever happy to help, Roan has also served as a mail carrier when his cohorts were unavailable, and always made sure to make everyone he came into contact with feel appreciated.

Never missing an opportunity to make every customer’s visit to the post office an experience to remember, many former co-workers say that his uncanny ability to make someone’s day is a cherished commodity to any post office visitor, always with a smile on his face and a ready joke to tell.

Co-worker Debbie Cabral, says of her co-worker that he brings “great customer service, a smile on his face and an impeccable attitude” to the post office.

“He is just that kind of person who is extra happy and willing to go the extra mile for all of us co-workers,” Cabral said. “He is definitely the type who would give you the shirt off his back.”

Mary Ellen Kehler, another former co-worker of Roan, spoke of Chuck’s unmatched humor, which always made for a very happy, pleasant and delightful working environment.

“He always had something fun hidden up his sleeve,” Kehler laughed.

Donna Streeper, former Post Master of the Hardin Postal Office and who also hired Roan to the office back in 1998, says that Roan is “a very bubbly person and always has a joke on hand.” Streeper says that Roan’s interaction with anyone who came into the post office was the most memorable aspect of his time at the post office, going above and beyond his obligations to make every customer feel important.

While retirement is something that Roan is ready to enjoy, he said it is the interaction with the community that he will miss the most.

“I will miss the customers, the coworkers, and the community the most,” he said. “Overall I’m just really glad that I got to work there.”

Roan says that one thing he is looking forward to during retirement watching the Hardin High School Marching Band as they march down the streets of Washington, D.C. in the 2020 Independence Day Parade.


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