Quilt, handmade by the late Janice Eckman, shared at Hardin Senior Center

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Joni Schaff / Council on Aging Dir.
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Photos courtesy of Cliff and Margaret Arbogast

The late Janice Eckman hand-made this quilt, which includes all 50 state birds in the United States. Five states, 
including Montana, are represented by the Western Meadowlark.

A beautiful, hand-made and embroidered quilt is on display at the Hardin Senior Center. Janice Eckman spent some 30 to 40 years embroidering each square with only three squares to finish before she passed away. 

The design is of each of the 50 United States with the state flower and state bird. Janice’s husband, Albert, is most pleased to share this with all of you. Janice’s son, Jacob, recalls his mother taking the embroidery with her everywhere. Other people said she was always working on it; you would call it a labor of love. Did you know that five states share the Western Meadowlark as their state bird as well as Montana? Come on in and enjoy the fine handiwork Janice put in each stitch.

May Day flowers were delivered to the seniors on May 1. Landa Uffelman, owner of The Farmer’s Daughter General Store, made the special little gifts for everyone. Volunteers decorated the senior center for May. The windows have bumblebees, the tables have new flower bouquets and two new quilted wall hangings are put up. Clara Eshleman is displaying her Serenity Prayer and Kris Clausen’s red ribbon fan quilt is on the wall. 

Cliff and Margaret Arbogast have shared the photos taken in April, including Photo of the Month. This column will feature Sachie Clark, from Custer, next week. They caught on camera a migratory flock of the bird, American Avocet. Other photos include Share an Heirloom day, the Uffelman sisters Betty and Clara, and other wildlife in the area.

This month’s “Care Share” topics include prescription costs through Medicare. If you are having trouble paying for your prescriptions, help may be available with Medicare’s Extra Help program that offers assistance with out-of-pocket drug costs and Part D insurance premiums to beneficiaries with limited incomes and resources. In 2018, for those who qualify, a prescription for a generic drug will cost no more than $3.35, and for a brand-name drug, no more than $8.35.

To qualify for the program in 2018, your annual income cannot exceed $18,210 for an individual or $24,600 for a married couple residing in the same household. Based on personal circumstances, those with higher income levels may still qualify.

The resource limits are $12,600 for an individual and $25,150 for a married couple. Resources include bank accounts, investments in stocks, bonds and mutual funds, Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA’s) and cash on hand. They also include real estate and other “hard” assets. Social Security will not count your primary residence, one car, personal possessions, life insurance policies, funds set aside for burial expenses and property you need for self-support.

Also in this discussion is the “donut hole.” A provision of the Affordable Care Act, passed in 2010, set up a timetable for closing that gap. It is currently slated for elimination in 2020.

Contact the SHIP Counselor at the Hardin Senior Center for Medicare questions. Patricia Fischer is available from 2-4 p.m. on weekdays. Please call (406) 665-9768.

New Medicare cards are starting to arrive. You don’t need to do anything, but check the mail. If somebody tries to tell you that you have to pay a fee or answer some personal questions, hang up or walk away. This would be a scam.

Activities coming up at the Hardin Senior Center include the Seniors Association meeting at 11 a.m. on Friday, May 11, a Mother’s Day Honoring Dinner on Friday, May 11, a pedicure by appointment on Monday, May 14, a committee planning meeting on Tuesday, May 15 for the Area II meeting in Hardin on June 15, the Birthday Dinner on Wednesday, May 16 and the Council on Aging board meeting at 10 a.m. on Thursday, May 17.

You must make a reservation for the May 16 Birthday Dinner no later than 4 p.m. on Tuesday, May 15. Call us at (406) 665-2581.

Hardin Senior Center menu:

Thursday, May 10 – tetrazzini, salad, dessert
Friday, May 11 – barbeque ribs, scalloped potatoes, vegetables, dessert
Monday, May 14 – goulash, vegetables, salad, dessert
Tuesday, May 15 – chicken vegetable soup, sandwich, dessert
Wednesday, May 16 – roast beef dinner, salad, cake, ice cream
Thursday, May 17 – brunch for lunch, ham and eggs, hash browns, fruit

Lodge Grass Senior Center menu:

Friday, May 11 – hot dog, baked beans, Tater Tots, Jell-O salad, cinnamon roll
Monday, May 14 – stir fry, rice, biscuits, banana pudding
Wednesday, May 16 – Birthday Dinner