Plenty Coups golf team grows in second year

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Photo by Luella N. Brien

Plenty Coups High School golfer Zaylon Young practices his swing while teammate Wade Stone watches. Due to snow on the course, the Warriors’ golf team has been practicing indoors since the season started. It normally practices at the Par 3 golf course in Billings.

Photo by Luella N. Brien

The Plenty Coups High School girls’ golf team takes a break during practice. From the left: Anonda Goes Ahead, Sephra Covers Up, Serena Flat Lip and Chasya Pine are the first girls ever to participate in the school’s golf program.

The golf program at Plenty Coups High School has almost doubled in size from last season.

That increase not only brought the team up to 11 members from last year’s seven, it brought four girls to the ranks, said Plenty Coups Golf Coach James Little Light.

Although the golf program is in its infancy, Little Light has golfers who have the state tourney in their sights.

“The boys really want to qualify for state,” he said. “The returning (golfers) are learning new skills every day.”

Little Light brought the golf program to Plenty Coups last season to show the students there is more to athletics than simply basketball.

“I wanted to give (students) an opportunity to see something different,” he said. “They say a bad day on the golf course is better than a good day anywhere else.”

Little Light said he’s been golfing since he was 10 years old after he was introduced to the sport by his father and uncle.

“I’m happy to introduce this sport to students here,” he said.

In addition to learning fundamental skills, the Warriors’ golf team also is learning golf terminology and course etiquette.

“Sometimes, they were a little embarrassed to learn,” he said, “but my returners have been helpful in teaching their classmates.”

The golf team normally practices at Par 3 golf course in Billings, but snow buildup has made that impossible, so they’ve been working on their form in the high school gymnasium with hollow training golf balls.


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