Oliver Francis Bull Over the Hill

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Oliver Francis Bull Over the Hill of Reno Creek has joined his beloved daughter Kateria Hill to be with our Lord. He passed peacefully Wednesday afternoon, June 13, 2018 at the Big Horn County Memorial Hospital while resting.

IIshushii Baago “Plume in the Sky” was born July 18, 1948 in Crow Agency to Thomas and Edna Stops Hill. He was a member of the St. Xavier Catholic Mission Church, Greasy Mouth Clan, child of Greasy Mouth, the Big Horn District of the Crow Tribe and from the Whitemanrunshim family.

He was raised by his dad Thomas Hill and older brother Francis Bearclaw. He received his high school diploma in Hardin High School in 1968, where he excelled in football and basketball. After high school, he went to Haskell Indian Junior College, where he met the love of his life Ellen Sam Hill. They later were married July 7, 1973 and remained together until time inevitably took its toll.

Oliver was not a man of many words. He did not boast about the accomplishments in his life, nor of those of his family, even if it was worth doing so. This is the kind of person Oliver was. He was kind to those around him, his family, his friends. He was always willing to attend all those important character-building events of his children and nine grandchildren – ball games, graduations, theatre, concerts and powwows. If it was important to them, he was there.

Oliver is preceded in death by his parents; daughter Kateria Hill; sister Ilean Big Hair; brothers Norbert and Darrell Hill; nephews Lamont and Larry Big Hair and Winston Not Afraid; and nieces Bernadette Whiteclay, and Cheryl and Jacqueline Bear Claw.

Survivors include his wife Ellen Hill; children Roseline (Jethro) Diebert of Crow Agency; Norbert (Lisa) Hill of Hardin; Darralynn (Michael) Adams of Ronan; two grandkids he raised as his own, Mitchell Big Lake and Tavis Oliver Francis Hill; adopted daughter Ilean (Chet) Gladstone of Browning; brothers Francis Bearclaw, Gerald Reed and Melvin Stops; sisters Roseline (Ronald) Yellowmule, Verlie Walkoverice, Stella Not Afraid, Katherine Old Crow and Violet Enick and seven grandkids Matthew and Mikayla Hill, Keianna Cachora, Seattle and Kylei Chartraw, and Miles and Micah Adams. His special friends were Leon (Caroline) Pretty Weasel, Rudolph (Iva) Shane, Calvin Birdinground, Joseph “JoBo” Stewart and Channis Whiteman. Extended families were Whitemanrunshim, Hedoesit, Littleowl, Plainfeather, Little Light, Stopsatprettyplaces, Real Bird, Costa, Williamson, Yarlott, Rides the Bear, Froze, Iron Cloud, Monroe and Locke of Pine Ridge.

If we have forgotten anyone, please forgive us due to this time of sadness.


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