Newer senior resident featured in Photo of the Month

Joni Schaff / Council on Aging Dir.
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Sachie Clark

A special lady, fairly new to Montana, is the featured Photo of the Month at the Hardin Senior Center. Her name is Sachie Clark.

Sachie really enjoys playing Bingo here and cheers with a big “HOOO!” when she wins. Sachie lives with her daughter Marie and son-in-law Hank Cantrell on a lovely ranchette nestled in a picturesque coulee near Custer, some 25 miles north of Hardin.

She was born in Tsuruoka City, Japan on the coast northwest of Tokyo.

She worked as a housekeeper and nanny for the officers on Yokota Air Base.

Her husband was in the U.S. Air Force and served as a member of the Air Police. After her husband’s service in the Air Force, she came to the United States with him, their son and 7-month-old Marie in 1954. They lived in Idaho and California, and had one more son.

Sachie has always done gardening, some two acres she said, until just two years ago, when her husband passed away and she moved to Montana.

Sachie and Marie enjoy the friendliness of the seniors here and enjoy coming to town. We are glad to have Sachie’s family as our new friends too.

We hosted a Mother’s Day dinner at the senior center on Friday, May 11 for 50 people. Family members of the late AnnaBelle Rogers gathered here and admired our memorial wall in honor of Rogers, the former Senior Citizens Association president. Members of the Yerger family came to have dinner together. Everyone enjoyed being together to honor our mothers, past and present.

I want to share the “Rest of the Story” from last week for the late Janice Eckman’s quilt that is on display at the senior center. The family has included the following information about her beautiful creation of the 50 states’ bird and flower.

For Eckman’s quilt, the embroidery helper was Ruth Benzel of Hardin. Color selection, pattern design and layout helper was Janet Stevenson of Billings. The donations toward quilting costs were made by the Christ E & R Church Women’s Guild and the First Baptist Church in Hardin. Albert and Jacob came to admire the display of the quilt last week and share some quiet time with Janice’s creation of love.

The following are some tips from the USDA Nutrition Education Series for choosing healthy meals as you get older. Of importance is to drink plenty of liquids. Drink water often. Make eating a social event. Meals are more enjoyable when you eat with other. Invite a friend to join you. A senior center is an excellent place to share a meal. Vary your vegetables. Include a variety of different colored vegetables to brighten your plate. Eat for your teeth and gums. If a person with dental problems finds it hard to chew fruits, vegetables or meats, eat softer foods. Add flavor to your meals with herbs and spices. Your sense of smell or taste may have both changed with aging.

Keep food safe. Throw out food that might not be safe. Remember, when in doubt – throw it out. Ask your doctor about vitamins and supplements. Some dietary supplements can interfere with your medicines or affect your medical conditions.

Activities coming up at the senior center include bingo on May 22, 24 and 29. Come enjoy the afternoon on Wednesday, May 23 and watch a movie with your friends. The Fun For You Day is planned for Wednesday, May 30, which is sponsored by Little Horn State Bank with hostess, Shirley Margheim. The phone number at the Hardin Senior Center is (406) 665-2581. We are open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. each weekday.

Hardin Senior Center menu:

Thursday, May 17 – ham and eggs, hash browns, fruit
Friday, May 18 – sloppy joes, chips and dip, veggie tray, dessert
Monday, May 21 – Mexican rice, vegetables, salad, dessert
Tuesday, May 22 – chili, cornbread, cinnamon
Wednesday, May 23 – pork chops, potatoes and gravy, vegetables, dessert
Thursday, May 24 – hot turkey sandwich, potatoes and gravy, vegetables, dessert

Lodge Grass Senior Center menu:

Friday, May 18 – hamburger on a bun, potato salad, melon, Chex cookie
Monday, May 21 – Polish sausage and sauerkraut, baked potato, roll, fruit, carrots, rocky road pudding
Wednesday, May 23 – spaghetti, tossed salad, garlic bread, corn, lemon cake