New Chairman freezes tribal bank accounts

Maureen N. Dawes
Thursday, December 10, 2020
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Newly sworn in Crow Tribal Chairman Frank White Clay has frozen all tribal bank accounts, according to a press release dated Dec. 8.

White Clay released the statement after several reports of tribal COVID stimulus checks being unable to cash started surfacing on social

The stimulus checks were distributed to Crow tribal members at the end of November.

In the statement White Clay said, “out of abundance of caution to protect Crow Tribe monies, it was my decision and my decision alone to temporarily suspend all Crow Tribe bank accounts at all financial institutions.”

According to the press release the newly in place finance department worked with First Interstate Bank on Wednesday to sort through the numerous accounts that the tribe has with the bank. The new finance team continues to work through all of the tribal accounts at all of the institutions the Crow Tribe has accounts with the number one priority of protecting all of the Crow Tribal monies.

The release goes on to state COVID stimulus checks will be honored at First Interstate Bank as early as Dec. 10.

“Regarding the rest of the Crow Tribe’s money, transparency is the watchword of this administration, as I have promised on many occasions,’’ Chairman White Clay stated. “They are quickly tracing funds that need to be put to work for the Crow Tribe.”

Closing the press release Chairman White Clay stated, “I ask for your patience and help as we rebuild our Crow Tribe together."