Most wanted fugitive in Big Horn County caught

Thursday, March 26, 2020
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Allen Dean Robinson, who was listed as the most wanted fugitive in Big Horn County, has been arrested and is in custody at the Big Horn County Jail in Hardin.

Robinson was arrested on March 15.

Robinson’s initial crime took place in October 2018, when he led Big Horn County deputies on a dangerous chase at 90 mph down Old Highway 87, often-times driving on the wrong side of the road.

Robinson, according to court documents, was finally apprehended only after spike strips were deployed and his tires were damaged, although he did continue to drive for quite a distance on the damaged tires.

Robinson was arrested, he was charged with fleeing, eluding officers, theft and criminal endangerment in the chase. He had no prior criminal history.

After he was granted a conditional release, Robinson failed to make his court appearance. A warrant was issued and he was named at Big Horn County’s Most wanted.

Robinson will make his initial court appearance on March 31 in a motion to revoke his conditional release.