Moraes Patrick Dru Covers Up

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Moraes Patrick Dru Covers Up, 12, of Lodge Grass, died on Sept. 23, 2018.

Baalaxpaak Biishkaate Iihwaatchiilaash (Good Fortune with Dime) was born on Aug. 2, 2006 in Crow Agency, a son of Nova Covers Up and Shawn Hill. He grew up in the Lodge Grass area, an active young boy who enjoyed singing, handgames, basketball, football, arrow throwing, hunting, swimming, riding horses and his passion was Indian relay.

Moraes was attending the Lodge Grass Elementary and his goal was to be on the honor roll list. He was full of ambition and very adventurous, and had his way with his teachers. He rode his first sheep in Sweetwater, Arizona and bragged how dangerous it was.

He always was wanting to try new things and learn how to cook. He was a member of the Piegan Clan and Child of the Greasy Mouth, Native American Church and the Pentecostal Church.

His aunt Malerie Covers Up, uncle Marty Covers Up, great-grandmother Theresa Covers Up and grandfather Patrick Nomee proceeded Moraes in death.

Survivors include mother Nova Covers Up and father Shawn Hill; his grandmothers Mavis (Murice) Mountain Sheep and Tina Covers Up; brothers Marcus Covers Up, Owen Smells, Nathan and Tennyson Little Light, Kalobe Yellewmule, Benjamin, William “Billy”, Teyton, Teysean, Keedrin, Wasika Covers Up, Alvie Old Coyote, Robert Bear Chum Jr., Jericho Bright Wings, Tommy Boy Bad Bear; his sisters Murissa Little Light, Sylvanna, Amberose, Kaselin and Makayla Covers Up, Evelyn Old Coyote, Edwina Bad Bear and Princess Left Hand; his momma Jennirose and daddy Wacey Little Light; adopted parents Jordell (Jimi), Paul (Evelyn) and Sylvan (Robin) Covers Up, Darrin (Bobbi Jo) Old Coyote, Edmund (Willimina) Old Crow and Shirley Bad Bear; grandmothers Roxanne (Dexter) Falls Down, Arbutus and Traci Covers Up, Regina Gros Ventre, Saravenne Jefferson, Alpha (Calvin) Bird In Ground, Billie Jean Old Bull, Clarice (Ronald) Medicine Crow, Janice (Thomas) Morning, Joanna (Colby) Gros Ventre, Laura (Manford) Gardner and Mary (Henry) Little Light; his grandfathers Jack (Shelly), Manuel (Linda), Terrence (Gwen), Bernard (Delilah) Covers Up, John (Amanda) Gros Ventre, Scott (Lauren) Medicine Horse and Clement (Mary) Nome; greatgrandparents Dorcella Little Light, Patsy (Stevie) White Hip, Clyde (Nellie) Little Light, Josie (Ben) Stands, Veronica (Brewster) Pretty On Top, Robert Nomee and Chester (Sharolyn) Nomee; and extended families that include Goodluck, Real Bird, Nomee, Bright Wings, Bull Chief, Little Light, He Does It, Walks, Old Coyotes and the family of the late Frank Hill. If we have forgotten any more families, please except our apologies.

Funeral services were held Sept. 28 in the Crow Agency Multi-Purpose Building. Interment followed in the Lodge Grass Cemetery. Bullis Mortuary handled the arrangements.