Mildred Old Crow

Thursday, May 27, 2021
Mildred Old Crow

Our beloved daughter, granddaughter, niece and sister Mildred Alexis Old Crow better known as Milly went home to be with the Lord. She was born on May 3, 2012 in Billings, Montana to Miriam Old Crow and the late Ernie Stewart. Milly was a member of the Piegan Clan and a child of the Whistling Water Clan. She is a direct descendant of Chief Pretty Eagle, Chief Old Crow and White Arm.

She loved to dance to all kinds of music but especially enjoyed dancing at Powwows. She enjoyed playing handgames with her family and was an integral part of the Regulators Hand-game Team. She loved Indian music but especially enjoyed singing hand-game songs, singing right along with her aunts, uncles and her grandparents. She loved family get-togethers and being around family. She was a real doll; she was a very loving, caring, compassionate and considerate little girl. Milly was very outgoing and very respectful. She was truly a little angel here on earth and now in her journey to the other side camp she is truly “Our Little Angel”. Milly enjoyed watching the Disney movie Frozen and was often seen playing with her Elsa, Anna and Olaf dolls. She often imitated and dressed as Elsa. Milly attended the Crow Head Start Program.

Milly is preceded in death by her father, Ernie Stewart; her uncles Edmund Old Crow, Byron “Pony Boy” Dawes and Moraes Covers Up; her maternal grandaunt Roseen Takes the Gun, her maternal greatgrandparents her namesake Mildred Old Crow, Edmund Old Crow and Virginia “Aileen” Covers Up.

Milly is survived by her mother, Miriam Old Crow; her maternal grandparents, Dexter Falls Down and Roxanne Old Crow; her paternal grandparents, Dwight and Marlene Stewart; her brothers, Robert “Sponge Bob” Bearchum III, Kaz Covers Up, Jackson Stewart, Kyler, Teagan, LeAndrew and Skeeter Old Crow Jr. and Marcus Covers Up and Alvie Old Coyote; her sisters, Kaily, Tatianna, Vonna Rose and Baby Beth Old Crow, Tamilka, Tionna, Tia Aileena and Ruby Jade and Terri Covers Up; her auntie moms, Noranda and Roseen Old Crow; aunts, Nova (Kendall) Left Hand, Kazzi, Jennie Rose, Delphina, Lauri, Vonna Rose and Maranda Covers Up, Larissa Medicine Horse, Charine (Ashton) Old Elk, Evelyn Old Coyote, Mari and Bernadine Jefferson, Nancy (Joe) Reed, Amelia “Whisper” Wilkinson, Jackie (Thomas) Spint, Thomas Blaine, Mercedes and Cheryl Gros Ventre, Kari Covers Up, Tiara Medicine Crow-Gopher, Reva (Darnell) Old Bull, Dani Rae Red Thunder, Tanya Moccasin, Jada Grant, Micki Falls Down, Mandi (Jake) Grandboise, Tamra Rides Horse, Rachel and Dorothy Pretty on Top; her uncles, Jordell Covers Up, Leland “Skeeter” (Tyann) Old Crow Sr., Manual “Sonny” and Matt Covers Up, Elwyn Stewart, Bernard Jr. and William Paul Jefferson, Colby Gros Ventre, Darrin (Bobbi Jo) and Jay (Misty) Old Coyote, Tyrell (ReShawn) Old Bull, Dean “Huggy Bear” Don’t Mix, Chester Medicine Crow, Curtis Falls Down, Sylvan “Buzzy” and Paul Covers Up, Trevor Old Mouse, Robert (Alana) Bailey, Sr., Sport and Trindell Dawes; her grandparents Lauren (Scott) Medicine Horse, Arbutus, Margaret, Traci Covers Up, Nathanla (Maurice) Mountain Sheep, Donna “Saravene” Jefferson, Regina Gros Ventre, Clarice (Ronnie) Medicine Crow, Cheryl Jefferson, Fatima Bad Horse, Clarice “Chloe” Kindness, Alice and Suzanne Iron Virjama Plain Bull, Chester and Sharolyn Nomee, Ben and John (Armanda) Gros Ventre, Craig (Linda Pease) Old Crow, Terrance (Gwen), Bernard “Buzzy” (Delila), Manual (Linda) and Jack (Shellie) Covers Up, Larry (Agnes) Pretty Weasel, William (Donna) Falls Down Larry Falls Down and Leda Falls Down and JR (Georgette) Old Crow; her great grandparents Newton Old Crow and Joy

Matt. Her extended families include the Good Luck, Old Crow, Real Bird, Little Light, Bright Winds, Red Star, Iron, Bull Chief, Two Belly, Nomee, Dancing Bull, Spotted Tail, Bear Ground, Falls Down, Big Man, Williamson and Pretty Eagle Descendants. Our family is large, please accept our apology if we have failed to mention you in our time of grief.

Funeral services will be held at 11 a.m. at Thursday May 27, 2021 the Multi Purpose Building in Crow Agency with interment to follow at the Lodge Grass Cemetery.