Michael LeRoy Shaw

Thursday, December 2, 2021

1-5-67 to 11-18-21

“Do not judge my entire story by the chapter you walked in on …”

Michael LeRoy “Tag” Shaw’s story began on January 5, 1967 in Denver, Colorado. He was born to parents Carol Sue and Robert Douglas Shaw. Robert was hearing impaired so Mike grew up fluent in sign language. He often raised money for the Denver School for the Deaf and Blind. There was not much more comforting than getting the “I love you” sign and a big grin from Mike.

Mike was an avid gardener and began working with the men of the trade at the age of 10. He learned much and spent his lifetime working for himself doing landscape design, installation and maintenance.

Mike was raised in the Catholic Church, attending Central Catholic School and Matchbeuf Catholic High School. Michael loved his faith and would pray with anyone without hesitation. He served the Lord as an altar boy at Saint Francis De Sales until the age of 16. During his years as an altar boy, his love of the Lord deepened and he served Him in his daily life until his final days.

Growing up as a good Colorado boy, Mike found a lifelong passion for the outdoors. He lived to camp, hike, hunt and fish. Many times were spent on the Crystal River with his family and it was one of his favorite places. There he began an ongoing fishing competition with his sister Cherie. They both would insist to be the winner. Colorado, Idaho and Montana were in his soul because of their wide open spaces that gave him room to breathe.

Mike didn’t spend all his time in church or the outdoors. He could often be found on the playing fields as well. After playing football in high school he discovered the game of rugby and had found another love in his life. He played for Queen City in Denver beginning in 1993 and met many of his closest friends during that time. He and his “mates” traveled nationwide for several years, playing for the Eastern Rockies Football Union. Many a good time was had, most are too wild to print.

As Mike began to experience health issues he retired to a more quiet life in Hardin, Montana. He spent much of his time there pouring his love into animal rescue. He marveled at being part of the transformations the animals made, and we hoped to see him transformed back to good health as well.

Greater than any other love he had was Michael’s love for his children. From Holly and Josh to Caroline and Jason, you could see his heart overflowing when he talked about them. He was so proud as they grew up and began families of their own. He was looking forward to spending his next birthday in January with all the kids and grandkids in Denver. It was his hope to regain enough strength to be able to walk for them.

Through his life Mike had serious times, silly times, sad times and hilarious times, but they were always filled with love. He lived an unconventional life of adventure and always took the road less traveled. His story ended on November 18, 2021 in Hardin, Montana.

Michael was preceded in death by his parents Carol and Bob Shaw.

He is survived by his children Hollyann Shaw (Raymond), Joshua McNeil Freeman, Caroline Marie Metsala and Jason Vincent Metsala; mothers of his children Sara Freeman and Anne Metsala; his sisters Donna Lynn Wingo, Cherie Beth Shaw and Christine Ann Shaw; his grandchildren Alexisrae Whitaker, Avayah Whitaker, Giada Whitaker and Omari Tre’Vaughn Metsala-Young; aunt Billie Sturgeon; friends far and wide and finally his beloved dog Wil E. Coyote.

A small private service was held in Hardin.

A public rosary and service will be held at a later date at St. Francis de Sales in Denver, Colorado.

You are loved and missed Mike. May you fish and Rest In Peace.

“Grief is love unfinished ...”