Mayor seeks commissioners for new police force

From the Desk of the Mayor
Thursday, March 5, 2020

To Hardin City Residents,

The City of Hardin is in the process of starting a City Police Department. The first step of this process is establishing a three-person Police Commission. The purpose and role of the Commission is defined in the Montana Code Annotated entries 7-32-4152,7-32-4154, 7-32-4155, as listed below.

7-32-4152: Term and compensation of members of police commission, (1) The appointees to the police commission shall hold office for three years, and one member must be appointed annually at the first regular meeting of the city council or commission in May of each year. However, a member serving on the commission during the hearing or deciding of an appeal under 7-32-4155 shall continue to serve on the commission for that appeal until a decision has been made; a new member may not sit on the commission for business; (2) The compensation of the members of a board must be fixed by the city council or commission, not to exceed $10 per day or more than $50 per month for any month for each member in cities of the first and second class.

7-32-4154: Role of police commission in examination of applicants for police force. It shall be the duty of the police commission to examine all applicants whose applications have been referred to the commission as to their age, legal, mental, moral, and physical qualifications and their ability to fill the office as a member of the police force. It shall also be the duty of the police commission, subject to the approval of the mayor, to make such rules regarding such examinations not inconsistent with this part or the laws of the state.

7-32-4155: Role of police commission in hearing and deciding appeals brought by police officers, (1) The police commission shall hear and decide appeals brought by any member or officer of the police department who has been disciplined, suspended, removed, or discharged by an order of the mayor, city manager, or chief executive; (2) The police commission shall, at the time set for hearing an appeal of a police officer, hear and determine the appeal according to the rules of evidence applicable to courts of record in the state.

I am searching for City of Hardin residents who would be interested in serving on the Police Commission. Please submit a letter of interest to the Mayor's Office on or before March 13, 2020. In your letter, please highlight your goal for serving, experience with employee management, experience in law or law enforcement or any experience that you feel would benefit the Commission. All selected Commissioners must be at least 18 years of age, be a US citizen, hold a high school diploma or GED and not have had any felony convictions.

Joe Purcell, Mayor
City of Hardin