In Loving Memory of Gary Joel Good Luck / Iichiilikaash’balaxish 1984 to 2020

Thursday, October 21, 2021
In Loving Memory of Gary Joel Good Luck / Iichiilikaash’balaxish 1984 to 2020

Our beloved son, brother, uncle, and friend, Gary Joel Good Luck went home to be with the Lord one year ago on Saturday, October 17, 2020.

Gary Joel was born on May 21, 1984 to Clinton and Carol (Whiteman) Good Luck in Crow Agency, Montana. He was a member of the Greasy Mouth clan and a child of the Ties the Bundle clan. As a child he was given the Apsaalooké name Akbaakalatcheesh / Believer by his great uncle, the late Sylvester “Cardy” Goes Ahead. He was later renamed Iichiilikaash’balaxish / Singing Elk by his uncle, the late Carl Venne.

The late Rev. Charles Robinson at the St. Charles Catholic Mission in Pryor, Montana baptized him. His Godparents were Dorothy Spotted Bear and the late Marvin “Cottontail” Stewart.

He attended the Pryor Headstart as a preschooler and the St. Charles Mission Catholic School for eight years. Gary attended Plenty Coups High School and later Lame Deer High School as a sophomore and junior up until his car accident on December 1, 2001.

An honor roll student, he excelled in English, winning area wide poetry and essay contests. He was a very family-oriented person and had a love for all babies in the family. He was a meticulous and sharp dresser taking care in his appearance. He was goaloriented and set his sights high for academics and sports. Because he was an athlete, he took good care of his body. While in junior high and high school, Gary attended the Indians Into Medicine program at the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks and the MAPS program at Montana State University in Bozeman.

Gary’s passion in his short life was basketball, his dad Clinton wanted him to be a team roper but at every roping Gary would find a hoop and play basketball.

He scored 56 points as a sophomore for the Plenty Coup junior varsity team. That same year, he went on to score 56 points as a JV Lame Deer Morning Star against the Lodge Grass Indians. That same season he went on to become a varsity starter for the Morning Stars and was selected for Southern Class B All-Conference team.

A cross country runner for the Plenty Coups Warriors, Gary Joel became a 1999 and 2000 state champion, as a freshman and sophomore.

In 2001, he was the only male runner on the Lame Deer Morning Stars cross country team. Gary Joel was an athlete and played in many basketball tournaments and was named to many All-Star teams and given several MVP trophies.

Gary Joel was an avid Kobe Bryant and Los Angeles Lakers fan, who collected hundreds of basketball cards and sports memorabilia of all kinds. He had a photographic memory and could recall statistics from almost every top professional basketball player in the NBA. He followed local basketball stars in the community with the same excitement. As a young player, he looked up to Mike Pine of the Billings Central Rams and Westin Bad Bear of the St Labre Braves, but no was as instrumental in his development as an athlete as his big brother Kolan Good Luck, who was all All-Conference basketball player and an All-State Cross Country runner.

Gary Joel adored his brother as a youngster and he even dressed like him. Despite being nine years younger, he would follow the older boys on his little bike, but his dad would bring him back home because he was too young to leave the yard.

As Gary grew older he took his responsibility of being a big brother seriously. His younger brother Jeran Whiteman followed him all over and Gary always did his best to mentor him in a positive way.

Gary was predeceased by his father, Clinton; grandparents, Edward Posey and Josephine (DeCrane) Whiteman Sr., Louis and Alice (Iron) Good Luck Sr.; adopted parents, James and Velma Bell Rock Sr.; aunts, Aneda Rosalind Hill, Andrea Good Luck, Geneva Whiteman, and Velma “Cookie” Bell Rock; uncles, Norman and Edward Whiteman Jr., and Gary, Louie and Johnny Good Luck; cousins, Lona Fritzler, Dione Bell Rock, Keri Whiteman; and niece, Nikki Dillon. He is survived by his mother, Carol; siblings, Robyn (Vance) Crooked Arm, Raven and Roslyn Good Luck; nieces and nephews, Chezney, Brody, Tobyn, Lovae, and Valeena; aunts, Joyce Good Luck, Lavonne Spotted Horse, Valeen Plain Feather, Jolene Kills Pretty Enemy, and Susan (David) Berard; uncles, Channis (Norma) Whiteman, Terrance (Gwen) Covers Up, Darren and Elvin (Cassie) Fritzler, Reuben Spotted Horse, and Burton Pretty On Top; brothers, Kolan Good Luck, Print Scott Spotted Bear Jr., Jordan, Jeran, Posey and Chan Whiteman, Jason Killsprettyene my, Chris Dillon, James Bell Rock Jr., and Xavier Stewart; sisters, April (Ron) Storey, Genie Dillon, Quindy and Claura Whiteman, Channa Mae, Jeannie (Daniel), Jeanette (Josh) and Sunny Whiteman, Rita Bell Rock, Casey (Eric), Joelle, Trisheena Killsprettyenemy, Jonalea, Cecelia, and Mary Joedda Plain Feather; Goddaughter, Charmagne Dillon-Tsosie; grandparents, Agnes (Larry) Pretty Weasel, Regina Goes Ahead, Nellie Singer, and Adam (Bernice) Singer; adopted parents, Clinton and Corliss Iron; and adopted spiritual father, Minister Arthur Beale.

He is also survived by members of the Whiteman, DeCrane, Goes Ahead, Turns Plenty, Wall, Old Horn, Morrison, Hugs, Venne, Williamson, Ron, Brass, Otter Stays in the Water, Star-Black Hawk, Yellowmule, Leider, Walks Over Ice, Spotted, Red Wolf, Hunts the Arrow, Good Luck, Bad Horse-Covers Up, Little Owl, Bull Weasel and Bright Wings families, as well as the families of the late Julia Not Afraid, the late Alma Small Bear-Wall and the late John E. Wilson Sr.

If we have forgotten to acknowledge you in our time of grief, please forgive us.

The family would like to thank the nursing staff at the Awe Kualawaache Care Center in Crow Agency and the ICU staff at St. Vincent Healthcare in Billings. The family would like extend a special thank to Marie Rogers for her dedicated care of Gary during his residency.

Fr. Randolph Graczyk presided over a graveside service on Wednesday, October 21, 2020 at the Lodge Grass Cemetery.

Dhal Funeral Chapel was entrusted with the arrangements.