Lodge Grass track team young and improving every week

Thursday, May 9, 2019
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Photo By Luella N. Brien

Freshman Anthony Hernandez threw for a distance of 22 feet, and one-half inch at the Stillwater “Al Walker” Memorial Track. Hernandez improved his distance by three feet and one-half inches from his performance on April 13 in Sheridan.

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Photo By Luella N. Brien

Sophomore Jacob Brien threw the shotput 36 feet, four inches last Saturday at the Stillwater “Al Walker” Memorial Track Meet in Laurel. Head Coach Jerry Harris said his team is young, but he hopes to come back next season to continue the momentum built up in the track program.

Head High School Track and Field coach Jerry Harris spent his first season back in Lodge Grass nurturing a young team.

“We’ve been improving from day one,” Harris said in a phone interview. “Everybody is moving forward, each one is standing out in their own right.”

Out of Harris’ 11 team members, five are freshmen and one is a sophomore.

“We all want to be champions and winners, and that depends on genetics, physique, drive and determination,” Harris said. “There’s a lot of factors that go together to make an athlete.”

Harris said he has four throwers participating in shotput and discus, three of which are underclassmen and he has been spending time with them working on form and strength, as well as throwing distance.

“It all reverts back to form,” Harris said, “It’s all very new and exciting and intimidating for them.”

Sophomore Jacob Brien shattered a personal discus record he set back on April 13 in Sheridan by throwing 90 feet, five inches at the Stillwater “Al Walker” Memorial Track Meet in Laurel on Saturday, an increase over his personal record by 12 feet and four inches.

Also on Saturday, freshman Jackie Little Light shaved 1.08 seconds off her time in the girls 100-meter sprint, setting a personal record, and junior Shantell Pretty On Top cut 7.89 seconds from her time in the 1,600-meter over the course of the season.

Harris said his team has consistently improved throughout the season, with team members setting nearly 30 personal or season records since their first meet.

“They are enjoying themselves, because they are improving,” he said. “No one is standing still in practice.”

Progress was slow to start due to snow at the start of the season, but he said, his team is in competition shape.

Harris hopes to return next season to continue to build on the progress his team has already made.

“We are ready to make Lodge Grass a force to be reckoned with,” he said.

Lodge Grass will travel to Colstrip for the District 3B meet on May 11.

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Freshman Jackie Little Light set a personal record in the 100-meter sprint at the Stillwater “Al Walker” Memorial Track Meet in Laurel last Saturday.