Local artist collaborates with students at Wyola School

Thursday, September 26, 2019
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Photo courtesy of Judd Thompson

Local artist Judd Thompson donated three paintings to Wyola School.

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Photo courtesy of Judd Thompson

Thompson worked with Wyola eigth graders to complete one of the works as part of the Native American Week activities at the school, said Prinicpal Kristy Wright.

The students of the Wyola School eigth grade class got a rare treat when local artist Judd Thompson was invited to the Wyola School to collaborate together with the students on several pieces of art for Native American Week.

“Having Mr. Thompson in was a perfect example of what the people in this area can do with their talents,” said Wyola Schools Principal Kristy Wright.

Thompson also personally donated three paintings to the school, including the pieces that he collaborated on with students.

“They had so much fun with them,” said Thompson.

The students, who collaborated with Thompson to create three paintings for the school, also donated their creations to the school.

“It was amazing to see his artwork and how well he worked together with the students and how successful he has become at his craft and it was very enlightening for our students to see,” Wright said.