Little Horn FFA students qualify for state in Huntley Project contests

The Little Big Horn FFA has been studying and preparing for contests, and all students performed well and should be proud of their results.

The students traveled to Huntley Project on Monday, Feb. 26, to compete in a variety of contests. Descriptions of the contests and results are below.

Agricultural sales: This contest consists of two individual sales presentations, a team presentation, and a written test. The students are allowed to choose one of the products for their individual sales. The Little Big Horn students decided to sell birdhouses they built themselves. They also must do a sales presentation as individuals and as a team over a given topic. This year, they are selling agriease sprayers and safety equipment.

Team: Sixth (state qualified)

Individuals: Anthony Hernandez (20th), Cadance Kindness (21st), Drew Nomee (24th), and Robbie Stewart (23rd)

Creed Speaking: This contest consists of individuals from junior high to freshman memorizing the FFA creed by E.M. Tiffany. They then present in front of judges and answer the judges’ questions.

Junior Creed: D.C Stewart (sixth) and Anthony Hernandez (seventh)

Senior Creed (freshman): Aiden Graham (first – state qualified)

Star Greenhand: Aiden Graham competed as the chapter’s first star Greenhand candidate. The contest tested his FFA knowledge, judged his Supervised Agricultural Experience and record book, as well as consisted of him giving the creed. He did an outstanding job and earned second place.

Parliamentary Procedure: During the Parliamentary Procedure LDE, teams conduct a mock chapter meeting to demonstrate their knowledge of basic parliamentary law and the correct use of parliamentary procedures.

The team of Dalton Dosson, Tayler Walter, Beau Plenty Hawk, Vanessa Chavez, Tavia Torralba and Anthony Hernandez received third place.

Chapter of Conduct Meeting: This contest is much like Parliamentary Procedure, but the students have fewer motions to learn and do not have to take a test. However, the students also must begin the meeting by reciting opening ceremonies and end with closing ceremonies. This contest is for junior high and freshman students.

The team of David Dust, Anthony Hernandez, Gabe Kelly, Kayden Small, Vivian Doyle, Aaliyah Stewart and Ty Moccasin received third place.

Extemporaneous Speaking: This contest consists of students drawing three agriculturally-related topics and choosing one to write a speech on. They then have 30 minutes of time to prepare the speech (10 minutes with access to a computer), give the speech and answer any questions from the judges.

Cadence Kindness received 12th place.

Agronomy: Participants in the Agronomy CDE must possess an in-depth knowledge of seeds, insects, soils and crops. They also must demonstrate skills in solving complex problems related to crop production.

The team of Chad Bad Bear, Chase Williamson, Fawntaya Hill and Drew Nomee received fifth place and are state qualified.

Farm Business Management: This contest consists of a test that helps students learn business skills and apply economic principles to agricultural businesses.

The team of Kellie Old Elk, Robbie Stewart, Kayden Small and James Brown received sixth place and qualified for state.

Public Speaking – This contest consisted of students preparing a six to eight minute speech on a topic of their choice, presenting in front of judges and answering questions.

Dalton Dosson gave a speech titled “Organic Hydroponics?” and received third place.

Tayler Walter gave a speech titled “Industrial Farms Against the Small Farmer” and received fourth place.

The next chapter contests will be at District Mechanics on March 13 and Border Wars (where Montana, Wyoming and South Dakota contestants compete against each other) on March 28.