Library mourns Mario, introduces picture book miniature golf course

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Ray Dale / Public Services Librarian
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I have heard it said that all good things eventually will come to an end and so it is here at the Big Horn County Library. All of us at the library are saddened to report the passing of Mario, our algae- eating plecostomus fish.

Last week, Mario was found floating belly-up in his tank by Angie, our children’s librarian. He had come to us some months ago as a young plecostomus and performed his duties perfectly over the course of his tenure at the library.

On Friday, Donelle, our director, had us all gather together and led us in saying a few last words for our little aquatic friend.

“He was a good fish, brave and true,” Donelle said. I then overheard Angie’s voice crack a little when she said, “I always felt safe knowing he was here.”

Donelle then let him slide gently into the water as we all committed his earthly body back to sea from whence he came. With heavy hearts, we all placed our hands simultaneously on the handle and with gentle reverence…flushed. RIP Mario.

On a brighter note, next week, the Big Horn County Library will be hosting a miniature golf course. Golfers ages three and up will find the library transformed into a themed mini-golf course based on nine favorite children’s books.

Will one be yours? Come and have a “hole” lot of fun while supporting the Friends of the Library.

The miniature golf course will be open from 3-6 p.m. on Wednesday, May 2 and Thursday, May 3, and on Friday, May 4 from 2-5 p.m. Golfers ages 3-12 must be accompanied by a responsible adult. Also, please note that the Big Horn County Library will be open to patrons.

Be sure to come visit the Picture Book miniature golf course at the Big Horn County Library, and while here, take a look at a book you have put off reading.


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