Library Federation meeting brings 22 representatives from 18 Montana counties to Hardin

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Ray Dale

Literary Junction

We made it through the weekend!

As I write this column, it is now Monday morning and the meeting of the South Central Montana Library Federation meeting was a great success. We ended up with 22 people representing 18 different libraries from the south central part of Montana as well as those representing the Montana State Library.

We were given an overview of things being done at the state level to continue offering services, despite massive budget cuts. It is a sad fact that many of the libraries across the state are having to find ways of operating with less and less funding to do so. Those present were applauded by representatives of the State Library for being able to get so much out of so little.

At noon, everyone was asked to walk across the street to the Big Horn County Extension Office where a lunch of Indian tacos was provided by the Friends of the Library. After lunch, the meeting concluded about 2 p.m., at which time Donelle took the opportunity to show off our building by giving tours to the other librarians. Everyone was very impressed and made several comments about the lounge chairs in the teen area on the second floor.

We at the Big Horn County Library were very proud to be able to host such an event here in Hardin.

On a different note altogether, the warmer weather, while feeling nice, is bringing with it melting snow that, if you remember from science class in second grade, means water. Right now, there is water everywhere, including in the testing room of the Adult Education room in the basement of the library. Kudos to Darrell and Donelle, who quickly ran outside on Friday afternoon and shoveled snow away from the foundation, which appears to have taken care of the problem.

The damage to the basement is negligible, but it is worth noting that if you are coming to the library, you most likely will have to negotiate some rather extreme water puddles on the streets, not to mention the ice that has turned our alley into a skiing course. Be careful and be safe.