Letter to the Editor: Executives, not tribe, endorse Daines

Thursday, October 29, 2020
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Political advertising brings in lots of money to our media outlets, including newspapers. It is with interest and disgust that I often see large ads of U.S. Senator Daines' current campaign being endorsed by the Crow Executive Branch and the Crow Tribe, and of course paid by the Daines Campaign.

To my knowledge, the Crow Tribe, as a whole, has neverendorsed one particular political candidate over another. Members are free to vote for the candidate of their choice. The ads falsely state the Crow Tribe endorses Sen. Daines. Perhaps, if the Executive Branch endorses Sen. Daines, they should say so giving names of those in the Executive Branch who agree. Since officers Carlson Goes Ahead and Shawn Backbone are inactive members of the Executive Branch, it appears the Executive Branch endorsement must be from the two remaining officers: Chair A.J. Not Afraid and Vice-Chair Knute Old Crow.

Members of the Crow Tribe have a high literacy rate and it is an insult to our intelligence that the Executive Branch is speaking for the whole Crow Tribe without our consent. I am confident we can make our own decisions about whom we support for political office. Thank you.

Angela Russell
Lodge Grass, Montana