Letter to the Editor: Bullock backs up his words with action

Thursday, October 22, 2020
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In this day and age, most politicians are all talk and little action. So, if you want a good indication of what someone will do when they reach Congress, you should look at what they’ve actually done.

Governor Steve Bullock has spent his years in public service standing with tribal leaders and communities to improve all aspects of life in reservation communities, but especially our local economy. Through grants, loans and other investments, he’s provided a financial boost to assist Native-owned businesses across Indian Country.

And back in 2015, Governor Bullock announced $65,000 in state investments to help stimulate the regional economy on the Crow Reservation and provided resources and training to entrepreneurs in our tribal community. He’s made sure that our way of life can continue, by ensuring small businesses like mine have all the support they need to remain successful.

We need a senator who will follow through on their promises to fight for the needs and priorities of the Crow Nation. Gov. Bullock’s actions have backed up his word — I know that won’t change when he gets to Washington.

He’d hold true to his word as our next U.S. Senator.

Janine Pease
Hardin, Montana