Lenita Goes Ahead Pretty / Ash’itche Xia’saash’

Thursday, November 5, 2020
Lenita Goes Ahead Pretty / Ash’itche Xia’saash’

Lenita René Divine Goes Ahead Pretty, 27, went home to her heavenly Father on October 24, 2020.

She entered into this world on October 25, 1993, to Carlson “Dukey” Goes Ahead and Orvilene “Monk” Rondeaux Monroy.

She is the mother of MyKynzii Taiyen, 9, Vivian Praise, 6, and Alitheia Denise, 3, all of whom she cherished and loved dearly.

Lenita She was named after the late Pastor Lena Mosely and the Rev. Chaunita Holliday. She was affectionately called “Marshmallow,” “MaaLita” and “Baaikdiassaah.” As a little girl she thought it meant “wild horse,” but it really meant, “behave.” This nickname brought a lot of laughs.

Growing up at home the first person her late brother, Adrian, would address with his wake up call was “Lenita René Divine Revelation of Hell Goes Ahead.” For a long time she thought she was adopted and her real parents were Edward “Poison” Jr. and Carol Whiteman. Sometimes she wanted to go see her “dad,’’ so her family would drop her off at the Whiteman’s house. Her Crow name Ash’itche Xia’saash’ / Pretty Lodge Well Known was given to her by her father, Carlson Goes Ahead Pretty.

Lenita was a member of the Big Lodge Clan and a child of the Ties in the Bundle Clan. She attended church at Billings Full Gospel Revival Tabernacle and Pryor Mountain Crow Worship Center. She loved the Lord, liked going to church and revivals and listening to gospel music and was a faithful tither. She was a big help in the churches she attended. Lenita traveled many times to Idabel, Oklahoma, for camp meetings.

Lenita graduated eighth grade from St. Charles Mission School in Pryor and went to Plenty Coups High School, also in Pryor and Kingston High School in Kingston, Washington. She obtained her General Equivalency Diploma in 2013.

While in grade school, she played volleyball and basketball and ran cross country. She played basketball her freshmen and sophomore years for the Lady Warriors at Plenty Coups.

She was a Pryor resident most of her life, but lived in Kingston, for three and a half years. She attended the Mountain Ministries Life Skill Training Center in Rainer, Oregon for a year and graduated from their program in July 2019.

While at Rainer she made many friends and stayed connected with them. She was presently residing in Pryor with her aunty mom, Rhea Goes Ahead.

Lenita’s grandparents, Sylvester “Cartie” and Ruby Goes Ahead and aunty Rhea, helped raise her alongside her siblings, Judah and Rheanna, and cousins, Jaris, Gabrielle, Sidney, Grubbz, and Katelyn Goes Ahead, and Candace and Carlton “Cowboy” Roberts. They were more like brothers and sisters than cousins and they made many happy memories together.

Lenita was taught to drive by her grandpa Cartie at the age of 11. He found her to be a good driver and would bribe her and her cousin, Jaris, to drive him to Billings to do business and go to the movies.

At the theater, Lenita and Jaris would go movie hopping while grandpa Cartie slept in the theater. Grandma Ruby trusted Lenita’s driving more than her older sister, Rheanna’s driving. When she was 10 years old, she proudly announced to her grandma Ruby and aunty Rhea, “I cooked supper.” When asked what she cooked, she said, “I made Ramen noodles.”

She was a Ramen noodle lover all her life. Lenita was also a Los Angeles Laker lover. She enjoyed swimming, picnics and spending time with her nieces and nephews, whom she loved dearly. Lenita and her sister, Rheanna, were very close and helped each other with their children.

Lenita’s first work experience was with the tribe’s summer youth program. She also held various jobs as a waitress, housekeeper, and a helping hand at roping events in Silesia. She was currently working for the Apsáalooke Nation Housing Authority as a laborer.

Many friends and relatives relied on her for advice and guidance and she was a natural at it. She knew a Bible scripture for every situation. When people would speak to her they always walked away encouraged.

Lenita had a big heart and she was known for her smile, her friendliness and her hearty laugh. She made friends wherever she went. Her father would take her along to visit relatives and friends when she was young and because of this she knew a lot of her relatives.

She acquired a close circle of friends from childhood and she took time to check in on them even after grew older and went their separate ways.

Her childhood best friends include Courtney Old Crow, Whitnii White, Trisha Little Light, Jerome Moccasin, Marcus Spotted Bear, Leo Goes Ahead, Dalson Blaine, Alyssa Hill, Darrelyn Left Hand and Alex Aragon. Her lifelong friends include, Bryce and Shayla DeCouteau, Clarice Demontiney, Alejandra Vazquez, Haylee Jo Pretty Weasel, Mariah Volk, Crystal Goes Ahead, Hillary Don’t Mix, Leo Monroy and Kelcie Franklin, of Idabel, Oklahoma, and her “Ride or Die/PIC” Joey Goes Ahead, Mary Joedda Plainfeather, Rheanna Goes Ahead and Kevin Yazzie.

Lenita was preceded in death by grandparents, Sylvester “Cartie” and Ruby Iron Goes Ahead, Orville Rondeaux, and Betty Bravo Caufield; big brothers, Adrian and Falon Goes Ahead Pretty; sister, Shiela Rondeaux; and uncles, Myron and Elias Goes Ahead Sr.

She is survived by her three daughters; parents, Carlson (Ginger) Goes Ahead and Orvilene (Richard) Monroy; siblings, Charlie Rondeaux, Zarah, Judah and Rheanna Goes Ahead; stepsiblings, Makayla and Melina Weaselboy, Poncho, Leo, Christian, Samantha and Catherine Monroy and Kyra Turnsplenty; nephews, Tuffy and Tyson Rondeaux, KeShawn Cartie Louis “Son Son” Goes Ahead Pretty, Alexander Bell, Brayden and Adrian Yazzie, Cyrus and Roddy Caufield and Ryder, Jonaleah’s boys (Zane, Fabian and Emerson), Ashley Caufield’s boys (Justice, Winston and Memory); nieces, Levonne Ruby Jean Goes Ahead Pretty, Arabella, Cereignity, Anastasia and KaTori Yazzie, Jazmine Goes Ahead, Jacquelyn Monroy, Alayna and Alvina Three Irons, Olivia Reyna and Kaycee Costa; uncles, Dana (Karen) Goes Ahead, Rodney Rondeaux and Jim Boy Tushka; aunts, Marilyn (Rev. Jay) Simpson, aunty mom Rev. Rhea Goes Ahead, Mary Liz Rondeau, Rhonda and Robin Caufield and the four Tushka sisters; grandparents, Agnes (Larry) Pretty Weasel, Regina Goes Ahead, Charlene Laverdure and Tela Rondeaux; greatgrandfather, John Pretty On Top; adored cousins, Lachelle and Joel (Kim) Simpson, Londa Shane, Christian (Marty) Lopez, Crystal and Sunny Berg, Ashley Caufield, Brittany Four Stars, Paradise Bleu, Jonalea, Cecelia and Mary Plainfeather; godparents, Beulah “Auntie Beulahful” Goes Ahead and the late Bruce Spotted Bear Jr.; special friends she considered family, Pastor Wayne Jr. and Mia Boyd, of Keystone, South Dakota, who are the adopted parents of her oldest daughter, MyKynzii, and Mike and Mavis Kloppel, who loved her like a daughter; and numerous aunts, uncles, and too many cousins, nieces and nephews to name.

Lenita’s extended families include the Goes Ahead, DeCrane, Rondeaux, Caufield, Iron, Walks Over Ice, Brass, Black Hawk, Otter Stays in Water, Yellowmule, Hunts the Arrow, Red Wolf, Plainbull, Lion Shows, Rock Above, Big Hail, Old Crane, Wall, House, Big Medicine, Jefferson, Charges Strong-Wilson, Morrison, Hugs, Big Lake, Small, One Goose, Pretty on Top, Bravo, Door, Big Shoulder, Holds the Enemy, Tushka and Plenty Hawk families. Please forgive us if we forgot anyone in our time of grief.

Dahl Funeral Chapel was entrusted with the arrangements.