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Mongolian medical student visits Hardin through BioRegions exchange program
Thursday, August 30, 2018

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            Medical students Ariunzaya “Zaya” Jamsranjan (left) and Shauna Milne-Price visit the River Valley Farmers’ Market in Hardin last Thursday during Jamsranjan’s visit from Mongolia to Montana. She spent the last three days of the visit in Hardin thanks to a friendship with Milne-Price, who works at Bighorn Valley Health Center.

Ariunzaya Jamsranjan, or “Zaya,” visited Hardin for three days starting Wednesday, Aug. 22 as the last stop before she headed back to medical school in Mongolia’s capital city of Ulaanbaatar. In Hardin, she shadowed doctors at Bighorn Valley Health Center to learn about each of their specialties.

Her reason for traveling to Hardin in particular, she said, is linked to a friendship with fellow medical student Shauna Milne-Price, who had met her during a trip to study in Mongolia during the summer of 2017.

Milne-Price, from the University of Washington School of Medicine, studied for about a month at Mongolian National University in Ulaanbaatar through a community-based support program called BioRegions International. In the medical portion of the program, people travel from the U.S. to Mongolia around the months of June to July; Mongolians travel to Montana from late July to early August.

“It was really fun to show her Montana after I got to see Mongolia,” Milne-Price said. “She came down to Hardin because I’m here and we’re friends from last year.”

At the beginning of August, Jamsranjan – a Mongolian-English translator for BioRegions – went to Montana through the program to continue the cultural exchange process.

Jamsranjan is in her final year of medical school; she finished five years of training and entered the sixth one on Monday.

Over the past month, she has been to several different specialists in Bozeman and Billings as well as Hardin, learning medical skills in both the Operating Room (OR) and in the Emergency Room (ER).

“Day by day, I’m observing a different specialist,” Jamsranjan said. “I have seen the OR of spinal surgery and other surgeries. In my university, it’s hard to see the surgeries, but here I have the chance to see them.”

BioRegions International focuses on multiple aspects of an area including – but not limited to – business, education, health and the arts.

“The vision for the BioRegions Health Program in Mongolia is to have a vigorous and sustainable exchange between Montana and Mongolia, which builds capacity and capability for citizens to lead healthy lives,” the program’s website states.

The regions of Montana and Mongolia, the website states, “although located half a world apart...share remarkably similar cultural values, economies and natural environments.”

While Jamsranjan came to Hardin because of her friendship with Milne-Price, she added, “I’ve really wanted to come to America since [I began school].”

After graduation, she intends to revisit the United States in order to fulfill her childhood dream and get her degree in neuroscience.


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