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Lone Plenty Coups runner, Lena Standsoverbull headed to Southern C divisional tournament
Thursday, May 16, 2019
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Photo by Luella N. Brien

Plenty Coups runner Lena Standsoverbull completes multiple running drills during practice Monday in Pryor. Standsoverbull qualified in five events for the southern C divisional track and field tournament in Laurel on Thursday.

Plenty Coups High School’s track and field team is now one-eighth the size, the small team started with eight members, Head Coach Lawryn Flat Lip said.

A damaged ACL, a ruptured appendix, a case of E.coli, severe ingrown toenails and the constant struggle to keep grades up has whittled the team down to one competitor, Lena Standsoverbull, who placed in the top four in five events at the District 6C and 4B track and field tournament last Friday in Laurel.

Standsoverbull, who started this season ranked first in the district in multiple events, has been hard at work pushing her self during practice.

Friday she set season records in the 400-meter and the 3,200-meter runs and personal records in the 200-meter run and the long jump.

“Competing in a controlled environment is different. You can be the best recess baller, but once you’re in a controlled game it’s a different story,” Flat Lip said. “It’s the same thing, people can run seven miles a day, but if they are not improving their time they are just running, not competing.”

Standsoverbull wants to stay competitive at the Southern C divisional track and field tournament in Laurel today.

“I have more selfdiscipline than last year, because I’m not surrounded by a team to help push me,” she said.

Standsoverbull said she runs year-round, in area 5Ks and during the cross country season.

Flat Lip said that kind of conditioning is what keeps a runner competitive.

“You have to prepare for your lungs to expand as much as they do when you are pushing yourself that hard,” she said.

The goal is state title for herself before she graduates, Standsoverbull said.

“I need a bigger heart for running,” she said, adding that she might have to limit her involvement in other activities during the track season.

The season coincides with cultural activities and independent basketball tournaments, among other things, but she never stops.

“It helps relieve the stress I get from school,” she said. “I just really like running.”


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