Lady Bulldogs finally bring home title

Thursday, March 19, 2020
Lady Bulldogs finally bring home title

Photo By Tommy Robinson

Kamber Good Luck shoots as Tamika Guardipee of Browning defends on Thursday at the Class A State Tournament in Billings.

Lady Bulldogs finally bring home title

Photo By Tommy Robinson

Neveah Alden looks to the basket after a steal against Browning on Thursday at the Class A State Tournament in Billings.

The Hardin Lady Dawgs were forced to share the same fate as the boys as co-champions.

In what may very have been a sweep of both boys and girls earning the coveted state title, the Lady Bulldogs learned the news as they were warming up for the semi-final game.

Fans were in disbelief and in total shock when the announcer voiced it to the crowd of eager fans.

Many were angered saying they took a real title away from the kids.

Regardless of the decision, the Lady Bulldogs can be considered true champions, as they were ranked number one most of the season.

Head Coach Cindy Farmer was disappointed as were the girls with the decision.

“On the one hand, it is a bitter pill to swallow that we didn’t get to play the championship game, but on the other hand, I feel very fortunate to have at least played the two games that we did,” she said. “I know the girls wanted to play that championship game, and I wanted it for them too, but there are some things that we can’t control. I understand that the MHSA had to make a tough decision but I don’t think that takes away from what these girls accomplished throughout the course of the season.”

Lady Dawgs faced off against Browning and it was all the Lady Dawgs, blowing the Lady Indians out every quarter and winning by 26 points.

It was much the same scenario as the Lady Dawgs faced Livingston, causing traps, forcing turnovers and crashing the offensive and defensive boards.

“These girls lost only two games and were ranked number one throughout the season,” Farmer said. “I just have a lot of respect for these girls and what they did for Lady Bulldog Basketball.”

March 15

First quarter: Hardin 14, Browning 9; second quarter: Hardin 37, Browning 14; third quarter: Hardin 46, Browning 25; FINAL: Hardin 64, Browning 38.

Hardin: Kamber Goodluck 18, Marie Five 14, Kylee Old Elk 9, Breanna Olk Elk 4, Naveah Alden 4, Alyssa Pretty Weasel 3, Marion Hugs 3, Julianna Takes Horse 2, Sossity Spotted Wolf 2, Ivery Fritzler 2.

Browning: Dulci Skunkcap 15, Tatum Running Crane 7, Abby Bullcalf 4, Walker Running Crane 4, Mecca Bull Child 3, Arena Matt 3, Tamika Guardipee 2.

March 16

First quarter: Hardin 19, Livingston 9; second quarter: Hardin 33, Livingston 18; third quarter: Hardin 42, Livingston 29; FINAL: Hardin 64, Livingston 40.

Hardin: Marie Five 23, Julianna Takes Horse 14, Kylee Old Elk 6, Neveah Alden 5, Sossity Spotted Wolf 4, Alyssa Pretty Weasel 3, Ivery Fritzler 3, Aiyanna Big Man 2, Kambe Goodluck 2.

Livingston: Kodie Vondra 15, Bobbi Lima 8, Abby Kokot7, Taylor Young 4, Rainn Floyd 3, Ryleah Floyd 2, Shannon Nelson 1.