Lady Bulldog swimmers place fourth, boys seventh at Missoula

Thursday, January 31, 2019
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The Hardin Bulldog swim teams traveled to Missoula for their invite last weekend. In taking fourth place overall, the Lady Bulldogs placed first among Class A teams and only Havre beat the boys. Head Coach Eric Hartl wrote, “The girls, competing against the top AA schools is a challenge to begin with, so seeing them rise to the challenge and come out as the top A school really is something special.”

“This was our first time getting to see Whitefish and Columbia Falls,” he continued. “It is also the only time we got to see them before state.”

With the state meet only two weeks away and no competitions this coming week, the Bulldogs will be working towards improving times.

This year, state will be held starting Feb. 8 in Bozeman. In girls’ swimming, Andrea Three Irons placed ninth in the 200-yard freestyle and in the 100-yard butterfly, Ashlee Osborn placed eighth, Cora Wood ninth and Mia Ralston 10th. In the 100-yard freestyle Demi Uffelman took ninth place and in the 100-yard breaststroke Angeleena Lind placed 10th.

Hardin placed sixth in the 200-yard medley relay, sixth in the 200-yard freestyle relay and eighth in the 400-yard relay.

For the boys, Jayden Yarlott placed eighth, Josh Whiteman ninth and Everette Alden 10th in the 200-yard individual medley. In the 50-yard freestyle, Dominic Stevens placed sixth and in the 500-yard freestyle, Josh Whiteman placed sixth and Miguel Lopez 10th.

“I placed some boys in some uncomfortable races and they proved they could handle it,” Hartl wrote. “Whiteman swam the 500 freestyle for the first time and ended up fifth. It is this type of swimming that really makes me excited to see as a coach.”

In the 100-yard backstroke, Caven Herrera placed seventh.

In the relay races, Hardin placed sixth in both the 200-yard medley relay and in the 200-yard freestyle relay.

In the 400-yard freestyle relay, Hardin took 10th place.

Missoula Invitational

Girls team scores: Missoula Hellgate 511, Missoula Sentinel 382, Helena Capital 216, Hardin 193.5, Whitefish 177, Missoula Big Sky/Loyola 158, Butte 158, Helena 57, Havre 40.5, Columbia Falls 24.5, Kalispell Glacier 22, Kalispell Flathead 6.

Boys team scores: Missoula Hellgate 461, Missoula Sentinel 307, Helena 209, Helena Capital 184, Havre 172, Butte 141, Hardin 140, Columbia Falls 125, Whitefish 97, Kalispell Glacier 25, Missoula Big Sky/Loyola 23, Kalispell Flathead 1.

Girls 200 Medley Relay: Sentinel 1:58.60, Hellgate 1:58.76, Big Sky/Loyola 2:04.23, Hellgate B 2:04.81, Butte 2:06.25, Hardin 2:09.25.

Boys 200 Medley Relay: Hellgate 1:40.04, Helena 1:41.52, Sentinel 1:51.26, Butte 1:54.49, Hellgate B 1:56.89, Hardin 1:56.91.

Girls 200 Freestyle: Qunell, Ada, Whitefish, 2:01.37; D’Amico, Ellie, Big Sky/Loyola, 2:03.95; Maxwell, Avery, Hellgate, 2:06.96l Kunz, Helena, Whitefish, 2:08.47; Seagrave, Bella, Hellgate, 2:08.49; Sullivan, Annie, Whitefish, 2:08.82.

Boys 200 Freestyle: Baldry, Tanner, Hellgate, 1:46.89; Wadhams, Joe, Capital, 2:00.24; Holdsworth, Max, Butte, 2:02.81; Miller, Jacob, Havre, 2:05.32; Flanagan, Grayson, Sentinel, 2:06.05; Mazur, Gabe, Sentinel, 2:07.83.

Girls 200 individual medley: Smart, Gabby, Hellgate, 2:16.45; Becker, Claire, Hellgate, 2:19.63; Reynolds, Keidon, Sentinel, 2:25.86; Fero, Audrey, Sentinel, 2:28.74; Jarrett, Delaney, Big Sky/ Loyola, 2:29.56; Carlson, Delaney, Sentinel, 2:31.91.

Boys 200 individual medley: McMahon, Simon, Hellgate, 2:01.42; Keller, Parker, Helena, 2:02.64; Deaton, Bremer, Sentinel, 2:08.02; Vatoussis, Alex, Sentinel, 2:13.19; Tamayo, Sergio, Havre, 2:15.67; Bubb, Nick, Capital, 2:22.65.

Girls 50 Freestyle: Geier, Maija, Capital, 26.31; D’Amico, Ellie, Big Sky/Loyola, 26.41; Williams, Cassie, Capital, 26.57; Gashwiler, Ellie, Sentinel, 26.7; Kunz, Helena, Whitefish, 27.04; Becker, Claire, Hellgate, 27.14.

Boys 50 Freestyle: Ring, Preston, Whitefish, 22.03; Westenfelder, Finn, Hellgate, 22.50; Herzog, Mark, Hellgate, 23.06; Amon, Lyndon, Hellgate, 23.19; Johnson, Zach, Butte, 23.6; Stevens, Dominic, Hardin, 23.76.

Girls 100 Butterfly: Leiby, Brooklyn, Sentinel, 1:01.48; Qunell, Ada, Whitefish, 1:03.10; Seagrave, Bella, Hellgate, 1:05.40; Hanson, Nia, Whitefish, 1:10.74; Jourdonnais, Hannah, Big Sky/ Loyola, 1:10.97. Trudnowski, Anna, Butte, 1:12.31.

Boys 100 Butterfly: Wagner, Rob, Helena, 52.48; Becker, Dane, Hellgate, 56.23; Johnson, Zach, Butte, 57.18; Amon, Lyndon, Hellgate, 58.25; Wolgamot, Jack, Sentinel, 1:00.8; Botner, Logan, Whitefish, 1:01.56.

Girls 100 Freestyle: Russo, Catherine, Butte, 54.37; Baranek, Leah, Capital, 58.94; Williams, Cassie, Capital, 59.24; Craig, Anya, Hellgate, 59.83; Archibald-Wilson, Sydney, Hellgate, 59.96; Powell, Hannah, Sentinel, 1:00.03.

Boys 100 Freestyle: Ring, Preston, Whitefish, 47.98; Baldry, Tanner, Hellgate, 48.33; Westenfelder, Finn, Hellgate, 49.93; Moe, Jackson, Sentinel, 51.27. Tamayo, Sergio, Havre, 51.59; Herzog, Mark, Hellgate, 52.55.

Girls 500 Freestyle: McCormick, Caroline, Sentinel, 5:32.43; Gashwiler, Ellie, Sentinel, 5:34.06; Sullivan, Annie, Whitefish, 5:43.17; Sheafor, Kate, Capital, 5:44.62; Lax, Kihla, Hellgate, 5:54.83; Hanson, Nia, Whitefish, 6:03.8.

Boys 500 Freestyle: Goetsch, Christion, Helena, 5:19.55; Onstad, Carlin, Capital, 5:29.63; Miller, Jacob, Havre, 5:41.01; Macrow, Ben, Hellgate, 5:59.87; Whiteman, Josh, Hardin, 6:11.49; Role, James, CF, 6:24.17.

Girls 200 Freestyle Relay: Capital 1:44.87; Hellgate 1:47.50; Sentinel 1:50.97; Big Sky/Loyola 1:52.68; Hellgate B 1:55.37; Hardin 1:55.57.

Boys 200 Freestyle Relay: Hellgate 1:31.75; Sentinel 1:38.56; Hellgate B 1:40.32; Butte 1:40.76; Havre 1:41.44; Hardin 1:42.42.

Girls 100 Backstroke: Russo, Catherine, Butte, 1:00.71; Geier, Maija, Capital, 1:02.21; Condit, Aidan, Hellgate, 1:04.65; Archibald-Wilson, Sydney, Hellgate, 1:05.41; Thorne, Taylor, Hellgate, 1:05.86; Trudnowski, Anna, Butte, 1:09.29.

Boys 100 Backstroke: McMahon, Simon, Hellgate, 54.39; Wagner, Rob, Helena, 55.32; Deaton, Bremer, Sentinel, 57.44; Keyes, Sawyer, Hellgate, 59.7; Onstad, Carlin, Capital, 1:01.12; Parkey, Michael, Big Sky/Loyola, 1:01.30.

Girls 100 Breaststroke: Carlson, Delaney, Sentinel, 1:14.78; Reynolds, Keidon, Sentinel, 1:16.79; Fero, Audrey, Sentinel, 1:17.51; Jarrett, Delaney, Big Sky/ Loyola, 1:18.18; Butler, Maddy, Hellgate, 1:18.34; Etzel, Sela, Hellgate, 1:18.37.

Boys 100 Breaststroke: Keller, Parker, Helena, 1:00.29; Oser, Quade, Helena, 1:04.26; Moe, Jackson, Sentinel, 1:07.61; McCormick, AJ, Sentinel, 1:07.87; Wolgamot, Jack, Sentinel, 1:08.21; Macrow, Ben, Hellgate, 1:11.74.

Girls 400 Freestyle Relay: Hellgate 3:51.74; Sentinel 3:54.34; Capital 3:55.53; Hellgate B 4:02.79; Butte 4:12.9; Whitefish 4:15.56.

Boys 400 Freestyle Relay: Hellgate 3:23.36; Helena 3:26.12; Sentinel 3:32.73; Capital 3:49.15;

Whitefish 3:49.66; Havre 3:50.72.