Jeremy Walker Eastman / Iché Bishau

Thursday, December 10, 2020
Jeremy Walker Eastman / Iché Bishau

Jeremy Walker Eastman, 32, went to the other side of camp on Monday, November 30, 2020.

He was born April 20, 1988 in Crow Agency, Montana the son of Edward Eastman and Cheryl Big Day. He was affectionately known as Squish. His Apsáalooke name Iché Bishau / Crooked Feet was given to him by his grandfather, Ray Big Day. Iché Bishau was his one of his great-grandfather Henry Big Day’s Indian names and he was honored to have this name. He was a member of the Big Lodge clan and a child of the Piegan clan. He took his roles seriously and enjoyed teasing his clan siblings.

Squish attended schools in Lodge Grass and graduated from Lodge Grass High School in 2006. While there he participated in football and basketball. He was the homecoming King and enjoyed his title. He attended Little Big Horn College but singing at powwows was his life for a few years before settling in North Dakota with his sister Heather and Dovey Likes Eagle. He was an avid Pittsburgh Steeler and Michigan Wolverine fan from the time he was a little boy.

Squish was fun loving and had a great sense of humor. He was outgoing and enjoyed being with his many friends and family. He loved his nieces and nephews and would spoil them and give them back to their parents. He was the best uncle to them.

He liked to play handgames and was a member of the Big Horn, River Crow and Black Lodge teams. While with the Big Horn team he took high point man two years in a row and was coach for the Big Horn Seniors. Squish was the fifth guesser when the Black Lodge Team won the Championship. He was champion Medicine Man as a River Crow. A good friend Murphy Young Bird, from North Dakota, donated a horse in honor of Squish to be awarded the next year to the fifth guesser.

He was an active member of the Native American Church and participated in Peyote meetings. He made many lasting friends around the fire. He loved to tie drum with his brothers and friends. He was a Sundancer and went into the Pryor Sundance many times. He was given his great-grandfather Henry’s song and paint by his grandfather Ray.

While living in North Dakota in 2014, he took first place in

the North Dakota Dart competition. Jeremy earned his CDL and Heavy Equipment Operator from Kicking Horse Job Coprs in Ronan, Montana, and this profession took him many places across the United States. He went from the east coast to the west coast and from the northern border to the southern border. He enjoyed driving rigs on the highways and byways.

He is preceded in death by his paternal grandparents, Mervin and Darlene Eastman, Alvin Little Light, Buster Brien; his maternal grandparents, Raymond Big Day and Lynette Not Afraid; his paternal great-grandparents, Perry and Lucy (Cummins) Eastman and Thomas and Elvira (Eagle) Bad Bear Sr.; his maternal great-grandparents, Henry and Minerva (Ball) Big Day, Cyril Not Afraid and Elizabeth Spotted; his sister Heather Eastman; his brother, Kyle Eastman; his aunt Mervalene Eastman; and his adopted father Thomas Bad Bear Sr.

He is survived by his father, Edward (Dorcella) Eastman; his mother Cheryl (Carl) Nedens; his sisters Maureen, Miriam, Teffany and Amberly (Shigley) Eastman, Lanissa Don’t Mix and Bryce Three Irons; his brothers, Reggie (Martika) Flatmouth, Perry (Phoenix) Eastman, Dovey Likes Eagle, Prinz Three Irons, Billy Jr. and Geoffrey Eastman, Leo and James Cummins, Jeffery Grisham and Karsten Walks Over the Ice; his nieces Carly and Alma Grace Eastman and Mary Flatmouth; and his nephews, MJ Eastman and Landon Flatmouth; his goddaughters, Mariah Little Light and Rory Three Irons; his uncles Billy Ray (Karen) and Carl (Maryann) Eastman, Curtis (Nadia) Bad Bear, John (Karla) Lei, Ray Jr., Jace, Heywood and Billy Big Day; his aunts Debbie (Larry) Cady, Billy (Burdick) Two Leggins, Michealynn Nanto and Suzette (Frank) Spang, Alvileen (Joseph) Buffalo Bulltail, Margaret Little Light, Sheila Eastman, Janice and Nellie Bad Bear; his adopted parents, Shirley Bad Bear, Larry and Carol Old Elk, Junetta and Sheila Jefferson, Iris Jackson, and Randy Phelan; his grandmothers, Mary Louise LaForge, Mary Lou Big Day, Linda Bulltail, Doris Plainfeather, Victoria and Sherleen Bad Bear; his grandfathers, Heywood Big Day Sr., Kenneth Spotted, Joseph Bear Cloud, Buster Leider, Ronnie Eastman, Byron Bad Bear and Gale Three Irons; his godparents, Kenneth Enemyhunter and Kim Brien; his adopted brothers, Louie and Ricky Jefferson, Floyd Old Bull, Kevin Yazzie and Austin Little Light; his adopted sister, Azure Jefferson; and his Native American Church family. His extended family includes the Big Day, Bullinsight, Spotted, Iron, Not Afraid, Backbone, Left Hand, Pretty on Top, Bad Bear, Eastman, Brien, Jackson-Dancing Bulls, Phelan, Cummins, Sees the Ground, Other Blackbird, Franklin and Shoyo families, as well as the Mae House family, the Elsie Pretty Paint family and the Young Birds of North Dakota. Squish was so loved and will be missed by all his family and friends.

Our family is large, please accept our apology if we have forgotten you in our grief.

Graveside service was held Dec. 4 at the Crow Agency Cemetery.

Bullis Mortuary was entrusted with the arrangements.