It’s critical to mow now

Letter to the Editor
Thursday, June 28, 2018
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To protect your home, remove burnable material from within 30 feet of the house.

That means mow now. Clear out any tall grass or debris. Make a clean yard.


Flames in two feet of grass can reach 10 feet long. No one can stand in front of that fire. For July and the rest of summer, predictions show a severe summer fire season.

Most fires in neighborhoods do not start out in a field somewhere. They start by someone’s house and spread in the wind to other homes nearby. We each have responsibility to clean burnable materials out of our yards and remove all tall grass near homes where families, children or elders live.

After a fire starts? Too late. Fire may move as fast as a person runs.

You may need to use an old-fashioned scythe or machetes and teenagers. Yes, gas is expensive, and the mower isn’t working right. But you can protect your neighborhood. Pay your relatives to get your home yard cleaned up while it’s still green.

The Bureau of Indian Affairs/Crow Tribal fuels crew has been mowing every day to make fuel breaks (defensive space) around the edges of Crow Reservation communities – reducing grass, so a fire should not leap into housing.

Lee Old Bear, Fire prevention specialist Crow Agency Bureau of Indian Affairs