Heritage Acres brightened by songs and guitar playing

Letter to the Editor
Thursday, December 27, 2018
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My mother-in-law is a resident at Heritage Acres. Tuesday mornings, I have been going over and listening to Jerry Metcalf, Jessie Espinoza and Gail Link share their time and talent there. These three gentlemen play guitar and sing.

The joy I see on the residents’ faces is wonderful. Last week, they sang, “Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town.” You couldn’t believe how most remembered the words (even the ones with memory issues). One lady was in her chair, but you should have seen her feet dancing; I could tell she had been a wonderful dancer just by her “dance moves.” It was absolutely priceless.

I later called her daughter and let her know that her Mom had been in to listen to the music and how much she had enjoyed it. I told her about the “dance moves” and how happy she was listening to their music. Her daughter let me know that her mom always loved to dance and how happy it made her to hear her mom was there enjoying the music because she hadn’t been doing so well the past few weeks.

What a blessing it is to have these men bring so much joy and happiness to the nursing home. I know there is also a choir that sings there and I’m sure others as well. Let’s give some thanks to these people.I hope they know how happy their music and other talents make the residents.

Cherlyn Greer