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Health Center moving to new facility

Thursday, January 23, 2020
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Photo by Rusty LaFrance

Construction workers work on the interior of the new clinic building for Big Horn Valley Health Center. The large window concept is practical and aesthetically pleasing, allowing the natural lighting to be both energy efficient and aesthetically pleasing to the viewer. This bigger lobby area will be able to host and accommodate a wider clientele range that BVHC can currently serve. 

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Photo by Rusty LaFrance

Dr. David Mark, Big Horn Valley Health Center CEO, stands in one of three unfinished intake rooms at the BVHC’s new location, set to open in June 2020. According to Mark, the three intake rooms will allow multiple patients to be seen at once rather than one at a time. The new building expansion that BVHC will occupy will also allow them to serve more clients than they do now.

Having outgrown their current facility Big Horn Valley Health Center is making their move down Center Avenue to a new facility that will have the most up-to-date medical equipment, and a fresh new look.

BVHC board broke ground at the new location on the intersection of West 13th Street and Center Avenue last summer. 

According to Big Horn Valley CEO Dr. David Mark, the new building will offer more space, better equipment and a parking lot.

Currently the Fourth Street location in the Wilson Building only offers curb-side parking.

Upon entering the new building, ceiling-to-floor windows will allow natural light to take away much of the need for artificial lighting and reducing energy consumption, not just in the lobby alone, but throughout the entire building. 

The look of the building inside and out is a style new to Hardin. The entire roof of the new clinic will be equipped with solar panels to accommodate much of the buildings energy needs, while also reducing excessive electricity usage and centralized power consumption.

Another great addition to the new clinic, is it will also take advantage of new and updated green  mechanisms. Like a rooftop rainwater system to collect and purify rainwater to utilize in the groundskeeping, which will reduce the requirement to utilize city water and the hassle of a sprinkler system. The grounds will feature native Montana plants.

With a larger, and more spacious surface area, the campus of the new building will also have a bigger parking lot and a possible drive-thru option or the pharmacy portion of the building.

The new location for BVHC will allow for an updated and advanced Tele-Medicine sector, where multiple patients will be able to have a doctor and a health practitioner with them in the room and be able to have a consultation with specialists who may be too far for a patient to visit.

With the unpredictability of Montana and its inclement weather tendencies, the tele-medicine sector is a big step towards bringing primary healthcare to rural areas such as Hardin.

Aside from all the newest medical equipment updates, there will also be an updated check-in and intake area that will be better able to accommodate the many patients who access their healthcare with BVHC.

Similar to traditional walk-in clinics, there will be three desks for patients to come in and speak to receptionists as opposed to the traditional standing in line method.

Once admitted, patients will be escorted to one of 10 new exam rooms, allowing BHVC medical staff to serve not only a bigger client-base and multiple patients at once.

With a new and improved building, bigger and better than the current location, the expansion may also allow employment opportunities to meet the demand for reception and nursing staff. 

According to Mark, the exterior of the building is in its final stages of manufacturing and with a great start to the interior, the new clinic hopes to be operational and ready to serve the community by June.


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