Hardin takes first loss to Laurel, defeats Sidney 58-29

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Photo by Jim Eshleman

Hardin center Marie Five attempts a layup Friday against Laurel’s Locomotives. She managed to score the majority of Hardin’s points with 16.

Photo by Jim Eshleman

Hardin guard Mashaya Alden tries to make a shot over an opposing player during Friday’s home match-up against the Laurel Locomotives. Despite the Lady Bulldogs’ efforts, they suffered their first conference loss of the season to Laurel.

Hardin’s Lady Bulldog basketball team took their first loss of the season Friday after slow first and third periods at home against Laurel’s Locomotives, followed by a home win on Saturday against Sidney’s Eagles.

The Ladies ended the first quarter during the Laurel game on a 9-15 deficit. Hardin then kept pace in the second and went into halftime 19-24.

For the game, the Ladies scored an 11-percent average for 3-point shots – a drop of about two-thirds from their game the previous week with Miles City. They did, however, sink all eight of their free throw attempts.

Matters didn’t improve in the third quarter, though, as the Locomotives scored 16 points to the Ladies’ 10. Hardin ramped up the pace in the fourth, but it wasn’t enough to stave off their 41-50 loss.

The top shooter for Hardin was center Marie Five with 16 points, followed by guard Kamber Good Luck with six. The Ladies’ 25 total rebounds were caught largely through the efforts of Five, center Alyssa Pretty Weasel, and guard and forward Sossity Spotted Wolf – all of whom took five.

Hardin’s victory against Sidney was another matter, with the Ladies topping the Eagles for the first three of four periods: 19-6, then 19-4, then 13-9. Sidney turned the fourth quarter around with a 10-7 lead, but the Eagles fell 58-29 in the end.

Hardin’s free throw average improved to about its Miles City level at 28 percent, while its 3-point average was eight of 10.

Five and guard Ivery Fritzler led the point-shooting charge with 15 each, followed by guard Mashaya Alden with eight. The Ladies caught 30 rebounds: Five and center Bergan Realbird led with six each.

After Christmas break, the Ladies will face Shepherd High School and Billings Central in away games respectively on Jan. 4, 2019 and Jan. 5, 2019. On Jan. 7, they will compete in their rivalry game with the Lodge Grass Indians.