Hardin senior tackles all obstacles

Dana Wilson
Thursday, April 23, 2020
Hardin senior tackles all obstacles

Hardin High School football player Cassady Redden signs his letter of intent to play for the University of Montana-Western in Dillon at the family dinner table in Hardin this month.

Hardin football player Cassady Redden has tackled a lot in his life, from speech issues to an autoimmune disorder, but he has come out victorious on the other side, recently signing his letter of intent to play football for the University of Montana-Western in Dillon.

"The opportunity to play college football and the unique schedule style that Western offers is why I chose (Western)," he said. "I will be pursuing a degree in health and human performance."

Although, Redden said he will miss all his friends and the memories he's made throughout his years at Hardin High School, he said is excited about the many opportunities he will have to better himself as a person who can contribute to society in positive ways.

He said he hopes to get a physical therapist license so he can work with athletes in the field of injury prevention and athletic training.

Redden faced a lot adversity in his young life.

He grew up with a speech impediment that causes him to stutter and at time it is still difficult for him to speak.

In his sophomore year, he was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder called Alopecia Areata, which causes complete hair loss.

"Going bald in high school was not the best thing to happen to me," he said. "It made my e experience a lot more difficult, my brother Colter and I endure it together."

Colter, he said, has the same condition.

"My family has been my inspiration, I'm lucky to have both my parents and three brothers who support me through everything."

He credits his parents Dan and Alyssa Redden for being supportive, as well as his friends who have helped him in his journey.

Football coach Jake Lynch showed Redden how far passion and hard work can take a person

"Not only in football, but in life," he said. "I want to say to anyone that might have any insecurities, or is holding back their potential in any way, to know that there is nothing wrong with who you are and you should never doubt yourself in any way. You'd be surprised how much you can overcome".

Overcoming obstacles is somewhat of a hobby for Redden, he enjoys competition because it allows for the opportunity to grow. He said he enjoys overcoming obstacles in his own life, but he also enjoys watching others improve, and putting all their hard work to the test.

"Being an athlete makes me a better person," he said "It shows the value of hard work, goals of athletes make them better, not only physically, but mentally. Hard work builds confidence and makes challenges easier to overcome, resulting in yourself becoming a better person."

Redden visualizes himself winning every time he sets foot on the field, but his positive attitude is the winning factor that counts.

"Keeping a positive attitude throughout the season, no matter what is happening is essential," he said. "Winning games is very superficial, keeping a positive attitude even during a losing season is a win for me."