Hardin Districts’ student information part of data breach

A note from the desk of Superintendent Chad Johnson
Thursday, September 5, 2019
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The Hardin School Districts were recently made aware that an unauthorized third party had gained access to electronically stored student data. The student data was stored in the system maintained by Pearson Clinical Assessment, under contract with the Elementary District (referred to as District) to provide testing and assessment services.

The information we received from Pearson indicates that the student data that was impacted is limited to the first and last name and in some instances date of birth and email address. Those individuals associated with the Hardin School Districts HAVE since been identified and will receive NOTICE by certified mail no later than mid-week of September 9 regarding the details of the breach.

Pearson informed the District that no grade or assessment information was affected by the data breach and that no financial information is stored in its system. The District was not the only school district affected. We understand that as many as 13,000 schools may have been impacted.

Pearson also has stated that it secured its AIMSweb1.0 platform, accessed by the District, to prevent any additional data breaches. Pearson has also assured the District that it is currently reviewing its data security measures and systems to determine what it can do to enhance safety and security measures to safeguard all Hardin School Districts student data.

The District is also reviewing its relationship with Pearson. The initial information we received from Pearson suggests that none of the student data obtained from Pearson illegally has been misused in any manner. We also understand that Pearson is offering complimentary credit monitoring services to impacted students once identified.

Hardin School District takes protection of student/ staff information seriously. If you have questions, please contact Eldon C. Johnson, Superintendent, at 406-665-9304.