Gorilla attack ushers in April Fool’s Day

By Ray Dale / Dir. Big Horn County Library
Thursday, April 4, 2019
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On Monday, I came in this morning expecting to be the brunt of some very well-thought-out non-malicious pranks. I am happy to say I wasn’t. That doesn’t mean, though, we were free of chaos that morning.

Darrell approached me when I came in the door to inform me that the stuffed panda he keeps in the break room got pretty restless last night and broke out of its cage. The playful little stuffed panda that Darrell calls “Hector” then began to be a little more aggressive and proceeded to wreak havoc in the break room.

After emptying the few items we had in the tiny refrigerator, he then found a can of whipped cream and sprayed the entire break table, leaving only a little spot open where he poured a whole jar of maraschino cherries.

He then made his way into the children’s room and appears to have been looking for a specific book as many on the new book shelf were thrown aside. At this point, all the activity must have tired him out because Darrell found little Hector this morning asleep in one of the chairs with a copy of The Three Little Bears opened to the part where Goldilocks falls asleep in the baby bear’s bed. Darrell was able to get him back in his cage and clean up before most of the mess before I even got here. So… all’s well that ends well.

On a completely different note, Craig Johnson will be here on Tuesday, April 9. I don’t know exactly what items he will be bringing from his “Waltmart” store, but I know he will have some items.

Johnson will be here at 6:30 p.m. and will talk to us about his writing, where he gets his inspiration, how he develops the characters, and so on. He also will be talking about the Netflix television series, “Longmire.” Johnson will be joined by his friend and colleague Marcus Red Thunder. The last time Johnson was here in October 2017, he spoke for about an hour mostly answering questions and telling stories, and everyone there seemed to have a wonderful time. He then signed books until everyone had a chance to meet him.

The Friends of the Library will be providing refreshments and I’m told they have some napkins and plates with western- style pictures to go along with the theme of the evening. Personally, I find Craig Johnson to be one of the most personable and gracious people you will ever hope to meet. Trust me, this will definitely be one event you don’t want to miss.