Frank Bear Quiver III / Taa’e’vena’hane

Thursday, July 15, 2021
Frank Bear Quiver III / Taa’e’vena’hane

Frank Martin Bear Quiver III, 43, died peacefully when his heart gave way on June 24, 2021 at his Zionsville, Indiana home.

Taa’e’vena’hane / Kills At Night was born on May 13, 1978 on Mother’s Day at Crow-Northern Cheyenne Hospital in Crow Agency, Montana, he was the only beloved child of Frank Martin Bear Quiver Jr., Ho’evahtamehnestse / Earth Walking, of Busby, Montana, and Patricia Helvey Bear Quiver of Indianapolis, Indiana.

His father and grandfathers were honorably discharged Marine and Army veterans. Frank was a proud member of the Northern Cheyenne Tribe, Wohehiv / Morning Star, enrolled January 29, 1979. He attended Montessori School and Zionsville High School in Indianapolis and Ft. Lewis College in Durango, Colorado, where he met his long-life friend, Izzy. He obtained an Associate’s Degree from University of Indianapolis, focusing on biochemistry. He had a Class A WW020622 Wastewater Operator license. His passion was as a water protector, making sure water was safe for the community. He was employed at the Suez Nat gasoline plant in Beaumont, Texas.

People and pets adored Frank’s huge heart and mighty love. It was evident in everything he did and for his loved ones. He was respectful, well-mannered, and had a kind word for all. He admitted his mistakes when he was wrong, never held a grudge, and his integrity showed in his actions and words.

He was always helping others, especially his mother. He was a good listener and patient with her and was always fussing over the cats. His “Hi Mom, I love you!” will be sadly missed.

Spending time with his family meant everything to him, especially spending time with his grandparents, Irene Jennie Bear Quiver, Ma’etmonde’ / Red Paint Woman, daughter of Charles Killsnight, of Greenleaf, Montana; Valentina Bartolini Helvey, of Florence, Italy; and Robert Marting Helvey of Logansport, Indiana.

He loved all things Hoosier State Fair, including the 500 Race, sugar cream pie, mushroom hunting, and fishing. He had fond memories of his childhood on Arundel Lane like walking on Sundays to St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, being in the Boy Scouts, and visiting Aunt Margaret on her farm.

His aunt Mary was a second mother to him and he loved her very much. He also had the same love for his Montana home and family, relishing the wonderful frybread his uncle Edward made, dried meat, buffalo stew, berry picking with his cousins, and hunting with his uncle Richard. He enjoyed spending time with his dad and uncle Edmond fixing cars or spending time just joking around. He spent many hours under the “Big Sky” laughing and teasing with family and friends.

He was proud of the Cheyenne ways and even did a little fancy dancing as a child. He was also fortunate to visit Santa Ana, New Mexico, to visit his aunt Loretta, uncle Al and cousins, especially Todd. He cherished aunt Ranee, aunt Tarra, and aunt Gracie’s wonderful beadwork, quilts and hugs. His long-time best friend Geoff of Zionsville supported him and was able to meet his families and attended one of the Sundances

The beautiful cloud shadows of the rolling Montana hills fascinated him and it is comforting in knowing he is forever under the shadow clouds.

Frank’s interests included Star Wars and chess; he was an avid reader of Sherlock Holmes. He loved to play games on his X-box, and write short stories and poems. Sadly, after Frank’s death numerous stories and poems he rarely shared were found in journals. Frank’s goal was to be a family man, marry and have children.

He wrote:

“Growing up I dreamt of playing football, then I wanted to be an architect and finally when declaring a major, I remember how much fun I had with a childhood chemistry set (since banned because of all the noxious chemicals). That pure, exuberant memory coincided with my feelings, changing my whole destination. At this very moment, I wonder why, in an instant, I switched from architecture to chemistry. I’ve always wore my emotions on my sleeve and made an important decision based on feeling. The tighter I hold onto the past the more time slips through my hands. It is inevitable how my heart aches to be told ‘everything is going to be ok, just be nice and everyone will like you.’”


Funeral Services were held on Friday, July 10, 2021 in Busby, Montana. Interment followed at the Bear Quiver Family Cemetery in Busby.

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Stevenson and Sons Funeral Home was entrusted with arrangements.