Fort Smith cyclist to take on Billings Hill Climb during its 100th anniversary event

Thursday, July 26, 2018
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Courtesy photo

Dr. Gregory Frazier of Fort Smith is shown, in disguise, with training weights for nocturnal bicycle riding.

Dr. Gregory Frazier of Fort Smith has been accepted as an entrant in The Great American Billings Hill Climb, set for July 27. To help celebrate the 100th anniversary of this event, Frazier has entered his 1936 Indian Sport Scout motorcycle, an 82 year-old model with 18 horsepower.

Frazier, a professional motorcycle adventurer/journalist/author, had recently completed a sixth motorcycle ride around the globe and had been looking for a more local source of adventure. He has never participated in a motorcycle hill climb.

When he was growing up, his parents would not let him attend the annual Billings Hill Climb, even as a spectator, saying, “No, you can’t go over there. It dangerous with all those wild motorcyclists racing motorcycles up and down those hills.”

Frazier has been preparing for the Hill Climb, losing 30 pounds since May

1. He has trained at night to keep his preparations secret, and avoid paparazzi and Google Earth.