Facebooking through the creative marketplace

Fallen Hour artists double as social media gurus
Thursday, November 29, 2018
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Photo by Andrew Turck
            Cdale Enick adjusts the lighting late Sunday afternoon shortly before an interview with Christopher and Crystal Hamilton, co-owners of both Bodyworks Tattoo & Piercing, and Stones and Bones Lapidary Jewelry in Billings. Enick and his wife Alethia Gerry, both of Hardin, operate a social media marketing business called Fallen Hour Media in collaboration with Relay Horse e-magazine.

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Photo by Andrew Turck
            Crystal and Christopher Hamilton (center and right) chat with Cdale Enick shortly before the interview. The Hamiltons’ store, Stones and Bones Lapidary Jewelry, also offers items made by Fallen Hour Artwork.

A light turned on between lampposts the night of Wednesday, Nov. 14, revealing a man wearing a leather jacket with glasses attached to his T-shirt, and sporting spiked hair dyed blonde. Standing out in the darkness along the 200 block of Hardin, artist and social media entrepreneur Cdale Enick explained that this is one of his regular outfits.

The light came from a camera operated by Alethia Gerry, Enick’s wife, who called herself the “technological part” of their social media operations. Together, they co-own two enterprises under the Fallen Hour brand name.

Gerry’s focus is on Fallen Hour Artwork, established about three years ago and described on its Facebook page as “a global marketplace for handcrafted, custom art.” As for Enick, he’s branched into Fallen Hour Media, which they founded about a year ago to promote fellow artists.

“Not every artist is going to be the best businessperson and not every businessperson is going to be a great artist,” Enick said. “I notice a lot of artists who are really introverted aren’t going to be the best in business, but their art is incredible. That’s where we would come in and give them that platform.”

In Hardin, they were shooting a video promoting an opportunity for artists to showcase their crafts in Relay Horse e-magazine – a Wyoming-based publication – during the Christmas season. Fallen Hour Media first came to the attention of Relay Horse in February when Enick hosted a social media marketing workshop at Little Big Horn College in Crow Agency. A photographer in attendance from The Sheridan Press connected Fallen Hour with the e-magazine.

“We’ve covered Jonah Morsette, we’ve covered Faraway Fine Art and we’re actually working for some more,” Enick said, referring to a Crow Agency songwriter and Lodge Grass painting business respectively. “It’s actually a new idea.”

Enick noted their first interview subject, Crow Agency artist and beadworker Niki Stewart, also raised awareness of local artists in the community through bazaars that doubled as networking events.

“She works relentlessly to inspire other artists based on the fact that she has been around the world, she has seen other cultures, she has experienced the different air out there,” Niki’s husband Jared Stewart said in a Fallen Hour video over a montage of her earrings, necklaces and beadwork. “She wants to use that influence upon our people to get them to do the best that they can with their artistry.”

Continuing his interviewing efforts for the e-magazine on Sunday, Enick sat down with Christopher and Crystal Hamilton, co-owners of both Bodyworks Tattoo & Piercing, and Stones and Bones Lapidary Jewelry. Searching through his building along 24th Street West in Billings, Christopher found rocks filled with geode crystals to serve as an eye-catching backdrop as Enick adjusted the lights and Gerry the camera focus.

Enick, 25, has a connection with the Hamiltons going back to age 18; his first tattoo was redone in their shop. In addition, Fallen Hour Artwork products are stored among the shiny rocks and jewelry within Stones and Bones.

Enick and Gerry collaborate with the Hamiltons in business enterprises, which is evident in their Facebook feed. For instance, in December 2017, according to a post by Stones and Bones, Enick and Gerry taught Christopher and Crystal the finer points of using social media. Thanks to the stores’ social media efforts, Crystal said, “more people come in” to see what’s available. She, in turn, built a display case three months later for Fallen Hour Artwork’s Egyptian Collection.

During the interview with Enick, Christopher spoke about the importance of adapting to one’s environment in order to make a business thrive. His advice on technology, while it referred to the tattoo business, also related to Enick and Gerry’s path with Fallen Hour: “What I have to say about that is, ‘You either keep up or get out.’”

“You can’t wait for somebody to hand you something, no matter what anybody says,” he said. “If you want something, you have to create the avenue to get to it, follow it and take it over.”

When Enick and Gerry began Fallen Hour Artwork, they – in Enick’s words – “hit a wall when it came to creating awareness.” Before their business “reached new heights,” he stated in a Facebook post on Jan. 18, he received a tip from Brian Cristiano, founder and CEO of BOLD Worldwide, an advertising agency headquartered in New York City.

“You need to get into videos in your local area,” Cristiano told him.

Though Enick is a resident of Hardin – whose population is more than 2,000 times smaller than that of New York City – he made and sent out his first video on Aug. 13, 2016. There, he and Gerry laughed several times as he tried to explain that he was a ghost hunter who was investigating his latest art project, the Anubis Box. In the six-minute video, which included Halloween-style music and a backdrop of skulls and coffins, he explained his business, admiration of film director Tim Burton and more.

As of press time, this video only has 312 views. “Instead of being discouraged,” Enick stated, he persisted. At press time, Fallen Hour has 50 more videos on its page. Though some productions have fewer than 50 views, others have upwards of 1,000. One video in particular, where Enick surprised a group of basketball players outside Hardin High School with an oversized Jordan shoe box, has 23,000 views. After that video in July 2017, he said, he became convinced of his potential to succeed.

“I have created a name for myself by doing what most would not,” he wrote. “Business owners told me time and time again they love watching what I do… Most of them wanted my art in their storefronts and wanted me to do videos for them.”

Going forward, Fallen Hour Media is searching for three businesses who would like to use its services in consulting or advertising. Currently, Enick said, he and Gerry are taking courses in social media marketing “from some of the best in the world,” though he didn’t want to give out his teachers’ identities yet.

To contact Fallen Hour Artwork or Media, message the company online at www.facebook.com/Fallenhour/.