To the Editor: Put Down The Scissors

Thursday, March 12, 2020


What did you do As you campaigned Before women could vote Knowing that you were breaking the glass ceiling With a sledge hammer You had whittled With a Montana woman’s hands Muscled by our cold winters And rugged landscapes

What did you do As you shook hands And you asked about your personal life Your delicate Disability Of being female

What did you do As your leadership Your clarity Viewed as un-electable Too cold Too loud Un-approachable

What did you do As your intellect Was dismantled As shrill Not relatable

You took Those same hands Guiding the needlepoint Of gender bias Misogyny And sewed it Into a shield

Elected Twice To lead Make history And be the vital Critical voice Of reason And peace

Elizabeth, Whitney, Kathleen, Melissa Every woman running: Sew with fierceness Use every bold Brash Intelligent Color

Sew with steel Lace Everything in between

And we, Your daughters, sisters, mothers Granddaughters Brothers, uncles, aunts and fathers Discard this false narrative Of “women can’t be elected” No longer participate In the sweat shop Of factory work Mass producing Clothes designed For a Right That is terrified Of your very hands That can Will And do Move adeptly between Sledge hammer And needle

Sew The most beautiful textiles That protects And reflects All of us

And let us Hold a part of this Fabric For you

No longer bringing Scissors To your electability

Jael Kampfe,
4th Generation Retired Montana Rancher
Bearcreek, Montana