Eastern A champs prepare for state tourney

Thursday, March 5, 2020
Eastern A champs prepare for state tourney

Photo by Tony Manolis

Famous Lefthand and Cayden Redfield celebration their tournament win Saturday in Billings.

Eastern A champs prepare for state tourney

Photo by Tommy Robinson

Cayden Redfield drives as Brock Blatter of Billings Central defends.

The Hardin Bulldogs have had a very phenomenal season, walking away from the Eastern A Divisional tournament as the champions.

With a star-studded lineup, many anticipate that the Bulldogs will return home once again with another state championship under their belt.

Bulldogs Head Coach Andy Roundface spoke with Big Horn County News on how the Dawgs season has gone thus far and how the team is preparing for another chance to bring home the hardware from the Class A basketball tournament next week in Billings.

Big Horn County News: What was the best moment for your team from each divisional tournament game the Bulldogs played?

Coach Round Face: Our best moment against Park City was by holding the number one scorer in the state to two points, thanks to our defense. The best moment in the Glendive game was getting our younger guys playing time in the tournament atmosphere, and the Central game was executing our game plan well on offense & defense.

BHCN: What are your players focusing on in practice as they prepare for state?

Coach Roundface: We are focusing on fine tuning everything from defense to offense, and to get some rest and heal up from injuries.

BHCN: How does frequently playing at the First Interstate Arena at MetraPark affect the teams tournament performance and do you think it will give your team an edge at state?

Coach Roundface: It definitely gives us an edge. (The Metra) is almost like our second home court, we know it well. It’s a bigger court and my boys know they are gonna cover more ground.

BHCN: In building a basketball program, how do you and your coaching staff maintain consistent coaching strategies and goals across the three squads, and how does that benefit your varsity program each year?

Coach Roundface: We run all the defense and offense the same; The three coaches all think alike. We’ve all played the game, and all three of us are really good friends, not just coaches. As a head coach, being open to listening to my assistants to see a different perspective is important. We are always learning. We may have different opinions but at the end of the day it’s all about the kids. It helps in getting the younger guys ready for varsity, by keeping all practices the same.

BHCN: As a whole, what is the Bulldogs greatest strength and how do you work to maintain it?

Coach Roundface: Our greatest strength is playing as a team and defense. I’m constantly making sure that everyone’s focus is on us, as a team. Every once in a while, I can see someone who might be getting away from that, I’ll check them and get them all back together. I do a lot of team building things to make them understand we can’t accomplish our goals if we’re not all on the same page.

BHCN: What is the team's biggest weakness and how have you worked to address it?

Coach Roundface: Our weakness is standing and watching on defense. It doesn’t happen very often, but when it does, I have to address it asap. Sometimes it means pulling the player aside and explaining how to fix it or pulling them out the game and then showing and telling them.”

The Bulldogs are matched up against Polson on Thursday, March 12 at 10:30 a.m. at First Interstate Arena at MetraPark in Billings.

Wednesday, Feb. 26

First quarter: Hardin 17, Glendive 5; second quarter: Hardin 32, Glendive 17; third quarter: Hardin 51, Glendive 28; FINAL: Hardin 72, Glendive 34.

Cayden Redfield 13; Teivon Ramos 13; Trae Hugs 12; Famous Lefthand 9; Jalen HighHawk 6; Kevion Ladson 6; Bryson Rogers 4; Eric Woods 4; Hance Three Irons 3; Peyton Goodluck 2.

Thursday, Feb 28

First quarter: Hardin 15, Livingston 12; second quarter: Hardin 24, Livingston 18; third quarter: Hardin 45, Livingston 26; FINAL: Hardin 67, Livingston 33.

Famous Lefthand 15; Cayden Redfield 14; Trae Hugs 14; Peyton Goodluck 9; Kidd LittleLight 8; Teivon Ramos 3; Jalen HighHawk 2; Eric Woods 2.

Saturday, Feb 29

First quarter: Hardin 15, Central 15; second quarter: Hardin 29, Central 23; third quarter: Hardin 50, Central 38: FINAL: Hardin 69, Central 56.

Cayden Redfield 18; Kidd LittleLight 13; Famous Lefthand 12; Peyton Goodluck 12; Trae Hugs 7; Eric Woods 5; Hance Three Irons 2.