The Eagles flew high to defeat the Bulldogs

Dana Wilson
Thursday, October 7, 2021
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Tony Maolis
Keyon Braided Hair-Fisher breaks loose for a 32-yard touchdown run.

The Dawgs kick off with Keyon Braided Hair Fisher doing the honors. Sidney drives and at 10:07 scores, but a personal foul call takes the ball back to the Dawgs 19-yardline.

The Eagles connect on a TD at the 8:16 mark, Point After Touchdown was no good.

On the kick, Hardin fair catches and takes control on their own 25-yardline, they try to get a drive going but just can’t hang on to the ball and fumble resulting in a scoring drive for Sidney at 7:20, PAT is good.

Not long after the kickoff the Dawgs fumble again and with 5:55 remaining in the 1st quarter, the Eagles score, field goal good for 1 point jumping to a quick lead of 21-0. D

awgs receive their kickoff and run it to their own 35-yardline, 3:49 ground attack for a good 1st down off a nice pass from Sean Mehling to Chase Wells, but a penalty on the play takes it way back, to first and 25, Hardin can’t make anything happen and are forced to punt ending the first quarter. The Eagles have the ball on Hardin’s 20-yardline, good defense by Dante Pallone for a loss of yards keeps the Eagles at bay for a moment leaving them at 4th and 15.

Sidney fakes a punt for yet another TD and good FG leading Hardin 28-0.

With the Dawgs in possession, trying to make something happen, Mehling tosses an interception, leaving Sidney with excellent field position with 7:05 left in the half. The Hardin defense does their best to stave away the hard pounding running game of the Eagles, in the next plays to follow, the Dawg try but they just couldn’t hold back the Eagles, resulting in another score for Sidney.

After the kickoff, Hardin tries to get a drive going, Mehling gets sacked for a substantial loss of yardage, forcing a punt. The Eagles are able to reap dividends and score another TD and good FG ending the first half leading the Dawgs by 40 points.

After halftime, the Dawgs receive, taking it to their own 41-yard line resulting in a touchdown by Xander Redstar, PAT no good putting the Dawgs on the board; 40-6.

In fourth quarter action, the Eagles scored again, the FG was no goodie as Albert “Shikaakaate” Gros Ventre gets all over it with a block. The Dawgs were finally getting some momentum going with a 32-yard TD run by Braided Hair Fisher, but in the end it was about three quarters too late. The game ended with a final score of 46-16 and a Sidney Eagles victory.