Double Division Champions

Bulldog cross-country teams sweep the Eastern A Fall Classic
Thursday, October 18, 2018
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Photo by Jim Eshleman

It was all Bulldogs at the Eastern A Fall Classic in Havre last Saturday. Both the boys’ and girls’ teams brought home first place trophies. This Saturday, Hardin will be running in Missoula at the All Class State tournament.

Pictured from the left are (back row) Quaidan Whiteman, Alduran Takes Enemy, Eric Woods, Aaron Birdinground, Trajan Hill, Cash McCormick, Clement Not Afraid, Keyshawn Rogers, Beau Black Eagle and Kevin Shane; and (front row) Journey Erickson, Ivery Fritzler, Latisha Not Afraid, Libby Nedens, Khylah Two Leggins, Marion Hugs, Azalea Torralba and Toni Wolfname.

It didn’t matter if it was varsity or JV, it was a clean sweep for the Hardin Bulldogs at the Eastern A Fall Classic in Havre, with both varsity girls’ and boys’ teams bringing home the divisional titles and trophies.

The Lady Bulldogs scored a 20, beating out second place Laurel by 47 points. The boys scored 47, also beating out second place Laurel by 11 points.

First place also went to both the girls’ and boys’ JV teams, with the boys’ JV team earning one point shy of a perfect score with 16. The girls’ JV team scored 20 for their first place win.

For the girls, Libby Nedens led a pack of 59 runners, taking first place in the Eastern A.

In fact, out of the first five runners across the finish line, four were Bulldogs.

Khylah Two Leggins placed second with a time of 19:45. Fourth to cross the finish line and third in for Hardin was Journey Erickson with a 20:06.

Fifth across and fourth in for the Ladies was Marion Hugs with 20:15.

Only 37 seconds separated these four runners.

Placing eighth and giving Hardin its 47-point victory over Laurel was Ivery Fritzler with a time of 21:04.

Sixth in for the Ladies was Toni Wolfname with 21:41 and seventh in was Azalea Torralba with a 21:45.

All seven runners finished in the top 15.

“They are running strong as a pack,” said Head Coach Cindy Farmer. “We just need to decrease our pack time between the top five runners heading into state this Saturday.”

Trajan Hill set the pace for the boys, placing third overall with a time of 16:55. He was followed by Jaxon “Cash” McCormick, who placed fifth overall, running the course in 17:12.

Third in for Hardin and 11th overall was Aaron Birdinground, who ran the course in 17:34. Fourth in and 13th over was Keyshawn Rogers with a 17:36. Fifth in and 14th overall was Beau Black Eagle with a time of 17:37.

All five scoring runners for the boys placed in the top 15.

Sixth in for the boys was Kevin Shane with a 17:38. Shane placed 16th overall. Eric Woods placed 23rd overall with a time of 17:52.

The pack time for the top five boys was 42 seconds.

In boys’ JV action, Clement Not Afraid placed first, Alduran Takes Enemy second, Trevor Bowers third, Taylan Alden fourth and Tayjan Joe sixth.

For the JV girls’ team, Latisha Not Afraid placed second overall, Hannah Mark third, Darby Wells fourth, Andrea Three Irons fifth and Shanice Dale was sixth.

This Saturday, Hardin will travel to Missoula for the State A Cross-Country Tournament. The Lady Bulldogs are two-time state champions and are looking to extend their streak, while the boys also have a good shot at the state championship.

“The competition is tough,” Farmer said. “They all need to run their best, run as a team and be mentally tough.”

Eastern A Fall Classic


Team Scores: Hardin 20, Laurel 67, Belgrade 73, Havre 79, Lewistown 138, Miles City 177, Sidney 214, Livingston 217, Glendive 242.

Top 10: Libby Nedens, Har., 19:37.07; Khylah Two Leggins, Har., 19:45.20; Kadia Miller, Hav., 19:52.65; Journey Erickson, Har., 20:06.88; Marion Hugs, Har., 20:15; Grace Timm, Lau., 20:30.25; Marissa Giese, Bel., 20:53.23; Ivery Fritzler, Har., 21:04.28; Lauren Taylor, Lau., 21:05.38; Kyra Giese, Bel., 21:06.71.


Team scores: Hardin 47, Laurel 58, Lewistown 64, Belgrade 109, Livingston 133, Havre 152, Billings Central 173, Miles City 182, Sidney 271, Glendive 306.

Top 10: Levi Taylor, Lau., 15:58.28; Sam Fulbright, Lew., 16:36.62; Trajan Hill, 16:55.08, Har.; Wyatt Ostler, Lau., 17:12.01; Jaxon Mccormick, Har., 17:12.70; Dylan Wichman, BC, 17:13.10; Haden Wilson, Lau., 17:16.92; Conor Pierson, Liv., 17:19.65; Chance Miller, Lew., 17:21.84; Jackson Thorn, Bel., 17:25.21.


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