Curbside book checkout starting at BHC library

Literary Junction
Ray Dale
Thursday, April 2, 2020
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For two weeks now we have been closed to the public along with all other county offices. I would love to be open again, because frankly there is very little reason for us to exist if we are not open to patrons. Unfortunately, circumstances being what they are, it’s best for the safety of our patrons that we continue to stay closed. How long this will last is something I simply do not know.

This has allowed us to make some strides forward on some projects that have needed to be done. Darrell, our maintenance guy, has been able to get all the rugs cleaned. He’s painted walls in the restrooms and elevators, something that’s been needed for a while now. Angie has been able to work uninterrupted on processing book donations and new videos. This job has been going at a snail’s pace for a long time because she would be doing this along with helping patrons and of course, the patrons always come first. Donna and Bert have disinfected every single video we own here at the library. The videos get handled the most by patrons and so are the most likely item to be contaminated. Getting them wiped down is not only a big job but a very important one as well.

Bottom line, we’re staying busy during this shutdown, but since it is going to be continuing for who knows how long we would like to try doing a curbside service for our patrons who wish to check out books. In order to utilize this service you must already have a library card. We will not be creating any new cards for the time being.

Patrons wishing to check out books can call us here at the library. When you call you will need to know the title of the book and, if possible, the author. I realize some people like to browse and find something that interests them, but this is the best solution we can come up with.

If you need help with a title you can often find something you’ll like by googling a certain genre or author. Also going to Amazon or Barnes & Noble websites can be very helpful. We will try to help you as much as we can, but in the end, you will need to know the title in order to find the book that interests you.

ONce we have the book and author, we can run your name and check the book out to you. When picking up your books you will need to come to the parking lot and give us a call so we can bring it down to you.

It is important to note that we are offering this service for books only and not videos. We are also unable to offer inter-library loans for the time being.

Our phone number is 665- 1808 and starting immediately if there is a book you would like to check out, give the Big Horn County Library a call and we will do everything in our power to help you get that book.