Crow Agency resident offers condolences for Crow Merc

Letter to the Editor
Thursday, March 7, 2019
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Our community is so sad about the loss of Crow Merc. It sold almost anything you needed. It had a wonderful deli with the best chicken I ever ate. It also was a place you could visit your kin and friends.

The Watt brothers and family have been a part of Crow for many years. It started with their gramma Mamie.

She had a café first and then a shop that sold a little bit of everything (especially penny candy). Their father Bill bought the old Crow Merc in 1950. He was one of the most generous persons; he carried many families (including mine).

The brothers went away to college and got degrees in other fields, but eventually came home. They took over the store; they also opened a laundromat and a gas station.

These services meet the needs of our community. They also employ the most people, outside of the government (including many in my family).

I wish them luck in whatever they decide to do, I know our whole community does.

Deanna Doyle Dreamer
Crow Agency